One reason people enjoy going to tarot conferences is the opportunity to talk about our favorite topic—tarot—with others. We also get to do it on forums, although the process of truly engaging in a deep dialog with another is rarely the result. Rather we all-too-often indulge in quick exchanges of information, long monologues, or debates and challenges. Enrique Enriquez is what I call a rhetorician of the tarot, a philosopher of images (tarology). He teaches the ‘language of the birds,’ not just as communicating the soul of divination but as the art (or, more properly, ‘techne‘) of the practice. It was my great pleasure and honor to be asked to engage in an intriguing conversation with Enrique on tarot and related things. I hope you will enjoy it, too, and all of Enriques’ other musings.

A Conversation with Mary Greer at Enrique Enriquez’s Tarology Blog

One additional note: You’ll find a photo of me when I was four or five at the end of the conversation. The day after completing the dialog with Enrique I was doing a major overhaul and moving of things in my house. In the process I “happened” on this photo, which was among some old things of my mother’s that I had forgotten. However, the flower-memory I spoke of in the conversation was in vivid color, and I saw myself in other locations. So, the synchronous stumbling upon of the black-and-white image of me in the kimono of which I spoke seemed a message of Beauty-in-authenticity mentioned in our conversation.

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