So many people have lamented the fact that they didn’t go on the tarot tour to Italy with Brian Williams in 2000. Following in his footsteps is tarot deck creator Arnell Ando who went on that famous trip (as did I). Arnell has been back to Italy many times, creating deck creator Osvaldo Menegazzi’s website and being present at several Tarot Museum events near Bologna. Now she and her partner Michael McAteer will guide us through the most impressive array of major tarot-related sites I’ve ever seen. Plus, they’ve arranged visits with tarot experts throughout northern Italy. You don’t want to miss this tour! I guarantee you will be talking about it for the rest of your life and sharing your amazing photos of the original sources of the tarot imagery. Visiting these sites in Italy is the best way to get a solid understanding of how Pagan & Christian imagery intertwines and of how early decks emerged out of a very special period in art and history charting the course between the late medieval and  Renaissance mindsets.

And, if that isn’t enough, you can choose to start your trip with attendance at the Association for Tarot Studies (ATS) Convention in Ste. Suzanne, France, the weekend of September 23-25 as I am sure many of us will be doing.

Having just returned from an incredible two weeks in Australia and New Zealand with Jean-Michel David at the Association for Tarot Studies Conference in Brisbane and with Fern Mercier and Lyn Olds of the Tarot Guild of Aotearoa, I want to affirm the power of spending so much time with people who know and love the tarot so deeply.

Tarot Art & History Tour, Italy 2011. When you sign up for the Tarot Tour please mention my name or blog—who knows what good karma will accrue! I think this tour will fill fast, so sign-up early!