Geraldine Amaral of TheSpiritualTarot just sent me this photo from when she (left) and Bev Hitchens (right) read tarot cards at the White House as part of the the Halloween party entertainment.

Geraldine writes: “We did many readings that night for the White House staff and some military families, but the Obamas did not get a Tarot reading and the event was not paid for with your tax dollars.  It was a donation from the Disney Corporation and the Hershey Corporation.  The Obamas were lovely, warm and gracious and made us feel right at home.  It was an incredible experience to meet them and I was honored to be there.”

Geraldine runs the Washington D.C. Tarot Society, teaches Tarot at the Jungian Society and does other classes and consultations in the area (see link at top). She was also co-author of Tarot Celebrations: Honoring the Inner Voice.

Who else has done memorable tarot readings or events? Tell us about them in the comments.