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Congratulations to Gina Rabbin of San Francisco, California who is the winner of the contest to identify the nine cards in my blog header. This wasn’t an easy task, and Gina did an outstanding job. These tarot decks reflect some of my favorite tarot art. Enjoy checking them out.

The cards are, left to right:

Strength, from The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland.

Wheel of Fortune, from the Tarot Chapel of Avenieres (not a deck).

The Tower, from The Kashmir Tarot by Nicolas van Beek (book by Rachel Pollack).

The Magician, from Arto Tarot by Jane Estelle Trombley (#17 of Adam McLean’s Artwork Tarots).

The Fool, from Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts (o.p.), with author Tracey Hoover as the Fool.

The Chariot, from The Millenium Tarot: Tarot of the Four Worlds by Mary Susan Chamberlain & Ziba Vilmanis-Westenberg (o.p.)

The Empress, from The Healing Tarot by Jennifer Elizabeth Moore.

Death (Le Passage), from Tarot Initiatique Des Maestres (“Initiatory Tarot of the Masters”) by Daniele Didier and artists Tristan Ra & Cleremond (o.p.).

The Hermit, from The New Star Tarot by Erika McGinnis.

Leon cover

Contest Closed. And the winner is Gina Rabbin.

Win a copy of Origins of the Tarot: Cosmic Evolution and the Principles of Immortality by Dai Léon for identifying the cards/decks in my current header.

“Conventional wisdom traces Tarot cards to medieval Italy, but their roots go back much further in time and draw on a surprisingly rich variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. Combining pioneering scholarship with practical spiritual instruction, Origins of the Tarot is the first book to unveil the full range of the ancient streams of wisdom from which the Tarot emerged.” Read more here.

Hints: Most are self-published but viewable on the internet. One has never been published as a deck but I link to the images in my blog.


  • Do not post your response as a comment until there has been a winner. Instead email me directly with information on all nine cards.
  • Include card name, deck title and creator, and identifying info on the one non-published image.
  • I can only mail to an address in the United States or Canada (unless the winner is willing to pay postage).

Happy Hunting.


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