The excellent Golden Dawn Glossary by Chic and Tabitha Cicero, to which I contributed extensively, which appeared to be lost, has moved and can only be accessed via The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn website (click on H.O.G.D. Dictionary at left). I’ve decided to post my original personal glossary, created while writing Women of the Golden Dawn. I will occasionally offer updates and attempt to fill in the gaps. I appreciate any help/suggestions.

FR# refers to the Golden Dawn “Flying Rolls.” Numbers with a colon, as in 6:15, refer to Israel Regardie’s Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic (Falcon Press).

A.:A.: :

The Argenteum Astrum (“Silver Star” or A.A.). “The A.:A.: was founded in 1907 by Crowley and George Cecil Jones. Based upon the classic Rosicrucian grade system of the Golden Dawn, the A.:A.L requires the Magician to actually achieve the states of consciousness and magical powers embodied in each of the ten sephiroth. The A.:A.: is not a lodge system, and is entirely secret.”The Magick of Thelema by Crowley. Its purpose is to initiate and instruct those who desired to “seek the light” of true freedom and true will.


“Father” in Hebrew.


The mystic Cavern in the sacred Mountain of Initiation (Zanoni?).  The Vault of C.R.C. of the Second Order also represents this Cavern.  Mountain of God in the centre of the Unvierse.  Below and around it are darkness and silence, and it is crowned with the Light ineffable.  At its base is the Wall of Enclosure and Secrecy, whose sole Gateway, invisible to the profane, is formed of the Two Pillars of Hermes.  The ascent of the Mountain is by the Spiral path of the Serpent of Wisdom. 7:56.  The word abiegnus means Abi-Agnus, Lamb of the Father.  It is by metathesis Abi-Genos, born of the Father. Bia-Genos, Strength of our Race, and the Four Words make the sentence, Mountain of the Lamb of the Father, and the Strength of our Race. IAO. YEHESHUAH. 7:21.


The word of the Aeon, the cypher of the Great Work.” Combination of 5 As (=pentagram) and 6 other letters interspersed (=hexagram). Found written on the canopy of the Chariot card.



On the Tree of Life = the area separating the first three sephiroth from the lower seven, envisioned as a chasm or gulf.


‘The Gnostics said that the Achamoth (probably a corruption of Chokmutha) attempted to comprehend the Pleroma, and could not understand it, and from the grief of her were formed the demons and evil spirits. FR#X.



The first ideal form of Man—behind the Kether form and, the prototype of the Tiphereth form—representing the Prince in the Court Cards (Vau of the Tetragrammaton).  FR#X.  The Divine Man latent in himself . . . whom God hath made in His Own Image. <Mathers, 1887 & 1983 #87> p. ix.


The Perfect Man in Assiah.  Whose Human Will is at one with his Divine Will, therefore always in contact with his Genius or Angelic Self (the Perfect Self in Yetzirah), can attract yet Higher Forces. Has the ability to give out the Force (of Divine Rays) to the human beings who are ready to receive it, and thus is he helping in their regeneration. FR#XXI (See more desc. there).





Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe./ Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed./Holy art Thou, The Vast and Might One./Lord of the Light and of the Darkness. 6:9.



From Sigillum Dei Æmeth, the Seal of Truth, used by John Dee and Edward Kelley, and placed under their crystal for protection when scrying. “The word Aemeth [spelled AMTh] is compounded of the 1st letter of the Alphabet and the last letter, and of a middle one, as though we affirm that Truth is to be found by the reconciliation of the extremes through the knowledge of the means. Forget not that Aleph is the Spiritual and Etherial [Fool], and Tau is the Universe, and Mem is the Sacrificial Man, placed between them so as to affirm the Reconciliation of the Natural to the Spiritual through self-sacrifice.” Mathers.  These letters also stand for Air, Water and Earth, and when combined with Shin, Fire, “there is an affirmation of the judgement set and the Book of Life opened.” quoted in Golden Dawn Enochian Magic, p. 2-3.  “And lastly that when Shin is added, there is an affirmation of the judgement set and the Book of Life opened which is in YHVH and that the Keys answering unto these 4 letters are:

  • Aleph is the Spirit of the Aethyr
  • Mem is the Spirit of the Mighty Waters.
  • Tau is the Great One of the Night of Time.
  • Shin is the Spirit of the Primal Fire.

“As it would affirm firstly, the Aetherial and Divine Spirit brooding over the mighty Waters in the Silence of the Abyss of the Night of the Great One, before Creation, and before Time. And lastly, the Judgement of the Universe through Fire, when the End of the Ages shall be. Therefore it is that the numbering of the Angels followeth this order of:

  • Shin is Fire.
  • Tau is Earth.
  • Mem is Water.
  • Aleph is Air.

“The above is the correct order and not the order of the attribution of the Elements to Tetragrammaton.”

“The word spells Truth, life, God, all that is, and if one letter is taken away, the word spells Death, nothingness, that which is not (METH).” It was used to create a Golem – written on his forehead – for when the first letter was erased the Golem would cease to exist. fr The Book of Splendor by Frances Sherwood (NY: W.W. Norton, 2002), p. 269.


Thoth card for Judgment. Represents the birth of the Aeon of Horus, which signaled the last judgment of the previous Age, the Aeon of Osiris. (Crowley).


AGIEL: Planetary Intelligence of Saturn.


The divine name which is vibrated in the North when doing the banishing ritual of the pentagram. A divine name which stands for Iieth Gadol Leolam Adonai (Adonai will be great to eternity). (AGLA…’is an abbreviation for the words, Ah-tah Gee-boor Lih-oh-lahm Ah-doh-nye.  It means “Thou art great forever, my lord,” and is from a Hebrew  prayer.’). “It hieroglyphically encloses all the mysteries of the Kabbalah. The letter Aleph expresses unity and represents the dogma of Hermes: ‘That which is above is as that which is below,’ by its two arms, one of which points to earth and the other to heaven. The letter Ghimel expresses numerically the triad and hieroglyphically child-birth, fecundity. The letter Lamed is the expression of the perfect cycle. It represents the circulation of the permetual movement and the relation of the radius to teh circumference. The letter Aleph repeated is the expression of the synthesis. Thus, the name AGLA signifies unity, which by the triad accomplishes the cycle of numbers to return to unity; the fruitful principle of Nature which is one with unity; the primal truth which ferilizes science and directs it back to unity; syllepsis, analysis, science, and synthesis; the three Divine Persons, who are one God; the secret of the magnum opus, that is, the fixation of the Astral Light by a supreme projection of will-power, which the adepts represented by a serpent transfixed by a dart, and forming therewith teh letter Aleph; then the three operation–to dissolve, to evaporate, and to condense, corresponding tot the three indispensable substances–salt, sulphur, and mercury, all expressed by the letter Ghimel; then the twelve keys of Basilius Valentinus expressed by Lamed; finally, the work accomplished comfortably to its principle, and reproducing the principle itself. Such is the origin of that Kabbalistic tradition which comprises all magic in a word, and all power in a single name. to know how to read and pronounce this word, that is, to understand the mysteries of and translate into practice these absolute branches of knowledge, is to have the key of prodigies, the science of Solomon, and the light of Abraham. … To pronounce the word AGLA Kabbalistically, is therefore to undergo all the trials of initiation and fulfil all its works.” Levi/Waite, The Mysteries of Magic, p. 101-102.


“Mother” in Hebrew.


To extend the range of your interior perceptions, and to intensify your consciousness of identity with that One Power that governs the whole universe. Its object, and the purpose of all its practices, is to liberate you from the deceptive influence of the illusion that you are in any way separated from THAT. PFC.


1) Spiritual Development; 2) extension of the powers of perception (to perceive entities, events and forces upon the super-sensuous planes); 3) learning the modes of Divination (to develop intuition) and 4) becoming familiar with the vibratory mode of pronouncing Divine Names (to thus procure the influence of Divine Powers).  To these may be added the practical study of the particular influences of colour and thus we are called Lords of the path of the Chameleon.  FR #XIX  To change the powers of physical sensuous life into the refined spiritual faculties of Adeptship, in truth as well as in name.  FR#XV  See also ‘Soul Transmutation.’

AIN (EN or EIN):

Nothingness. First of three levels of the Unmanifest, from which Kether emerges.

AIN SOF (also En Sof):

The Infinite, Limitless.  Literally “No End”.  The hidden God who emanates forth the sefirotic tree.


Limitless Light.


Refers to “The Qabalah of the Nine Chambers,” in which Hebrew letters are classed in nine segments according to their numerical equivalents. Used in making sigils and talismans. The name is made up of the letters in the first two chambers.


One of the four elements. Active masculine. Heat and Moisture. Associated with the suit of Swords.


Represents the fifth element or Quintessence. See Tattwas. (Add the others to the list).


Geomantic figure. (Add the others to the list).


The Higher Alchymy then is almost identical with Religion, as distinct from theology. The function of Religion and the Great Work of the Alchymist is Spiritualization. The separation of the subtle from the gross; the redemption of spirit, while still seated in matter, from the taint inevitable to the lowest planes of manifestation. -S.A. (Westcott) in The Science of Alchymy.


First Hebrew letter. Ox; A; 1. Path 11 (Kether to Chokmah). Air. The Fool.


The 3=8 Diagram represents the establishment of life, i.e., created life, with the dragon coiled beneath Malkuth in the Kingdom of the Shells.  The 4=7 Diagram represents the fall and the consequent rise of the dragon.  FR#X


In center of Hall.   Emblem of visible Nature or the Material Universe, concealing within herself the mysteries of all dimensions, while revealing her surface to the exterior senses.  It is a double cube, because, as the Emerald Tablet has said The things that are below are a reflection of the things that are above.  The world of men and women created to unhappiness is a reflection fo the World of Divine Beings created to Happiness.  The Altar is black because, unlike Divine Beings who unfold it, the Element of Light the Fires of Created Beings arise from Darkness and Obscurity. 6:18.



‘A being who executes commands and not one who originates, creates, and acts ‘de novo.’ FR #V  “All the Shining Ones (whom we call Angels) are microcosms of the Macrocosm Yetzirah, even as Man is the microcosm of the Macrocosm of Assiah.  All Archangelic forms are microcosms of the Macrocosm of Briah, and the Gods of the Sephiroth are consequently the Microcosms of the Macrocosm of Atziluth.” <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:42.


See also Nephesch and Malkuth. ‘The spiritual powers will flourish only as you starve the animal soul, and the animal soul is largely dependent on the state and treatment of  the animal body.  The animal man is to be cared for and protected, kept in health and strength, but not petted.’  FR#II



Hebrew word for “the element of Earth.” [Aleph (Fool), Resh (the Sun), Tzaddi (Aquarius = Man)] The totality of the manifestation of the Life-Power on this plane, having its source in Pure Spirit, its intermediate stage in the Sun, and its ultimate manifestation in Man. Found in Adonai Ha Aretz = “Lord of the Earth.” PFC-letter.


Mark of authority over matters of doubt and difficulty in the application of rules for divination.  Matters requiring subtlety and tack, and all decisions regarding the formulation of ideas. [Originally invested in Resurgam.] FR#XXIX


“One thing is greatly insisted upon, and that is that we should not retire from the world, for we can succeed in perfecting ourselves in what is required of us without isolation. FR#XXI  ‘Extreme ascetic habits may lead only to a contemplation of your own Heroism in being abstinent.  To be truly ascetic is indeed to submit to discipline and to curb unruly emotion, thought and actions. But, who is a slave to his animal soul, will practice vice even in a Forest; while he who restrains himself among the crowds of a city, and passes through a busy life—unpolluted, shows more resistance and suffers a severer discipline, and shall obtain a greater reward.  FR#II


Lowest of the four worlds of the Tree of Life (along with Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth.  Kingdom of the Perfect Man.

ASSIYAH (Assiah, Asiyyah):

World of Making or Matter.   Elemental and natural world.





“There exists a force in Nature [called the Astral Light  or Universal Agent]. … When it produces radiance it is called light. It is that substance which was created by God before all else when He said: Let there be light. … It is the devil of exoteric dogmatism [Lucifer?], and is really the blind force which souls must conquer, in order to detach themselves from the chains of earth; for if their will do not free them from its fatal attraction, they will be absorbed in the current by the same power which first produced them, and will return to the central and eternal fire.” Lévi/Waite, Mysteries of Magic, p. 69-70.


Sometimes characterized as a new and different ‘country’ or ‘another world’.  The Perception of the Astral Plane seems to be pecularly liable to delusions, arising probably from defects in the sensorium or physical brain.  These errors can be corrected by symbol [See Errors in Visioning.]  FR#XXV.  This plane may be described as a hall panelled with mirrors, where one is confronted with bewildering reflexes. Manifesting therein are numerous and varying entities. <Mathers, 1887 & 1983 #87> p. xii.   The plane most adjacent to us but beyond material things.  Filled with confusions and uncertainties.  FR#XIX.  See also Astral Sphere.  Also called Astral World.


Also called Travelling in the Spirit Vision.  “Meaningful, extremely vivid, and completely coherent day-dreams in which the dreamer retains all his normal powers of choice, will-power and judgment. . . .  The process used is best described as auto-hypnosis by means of a symbol.—it may be physically present, painted on a card, or … formulated in the imagination only—and persists in this until no other factor is consciously present in his thinking.  He then, in his mind’s eye, deliberately transforms the symbol into a vast door (or sometimes a curtain, ornamented with the symbol), will the door to swing open, passes though it in imagination, and allows the day-dream to commence.  It is perhaps worth saying that most experimenters with this technique have found that the dream experienced bears a real relationship to the symbol used. . . . <King, 1987 #2>  p. 65. ‘The Adept emits from his Ego a perceptible ray of his identity, and by cultured and instructed Will, sends it to travel to the place desired, focusses it there, see there—directly and not by reflection—perceives its bodily home, and re-enters it. The process may be caused to start also by a Symbol, or by Will alone; but anyway the Divine names should be used and relied upon.  Scenes and things instead of being like a picture, have the third dimension, solidity, they stand out first like bas relief then you see as from a Balloon, by a bird’s eye view.  You feel free to go to the place, to descend upon it, to step out upon the scene, and to be an actor there. This old Proverb enshrines a great truth: Believe thyself there and thou art there.’(Usually there is no sense of reversal of objects as in simple Descrying.) FR#XI

When projecting the astral you will have to supply it with much vitality drawn mostly from the Nephesch. 5:99.

ASTRAL SHELLS (of God-forms):


An extended range of phenomena from which we can invoke symbols and forms.  Also called Astral Plane or Astral World.


See Astral Sphere.  Also called Astral Plane.


Opening word of the Cabblistic Cross. “Atay, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedula, Le Olam.” It consists of Aleph and Tau, Alpha&Omega, Fool & Universe, the beginning and the end.


Fourth and highest of the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life.  That of the Divine. The World of Emanation and Divinity. God Names.  Adam Kadmon.


Akashic envelope that closely surrounds us. Contains the nine higher Sephiroth above Malkuth. ‘When we close the eyes of the body and sesne upon the material world, we first apprehend by interior visin the essences of our own and contiguous natures—a source of error in clairvoyance.’ FR#XI.


Hebrew letter. Eye. A,Au or o; 70. Path 26 (Tiphareth to Hod). Capricorn. The Devil.


‘A word formed from the initials and the final letters of the Latin, Greek and Hebrew Alphabets [AzΩ tav]. . . . It generally signifies Beginning and End, the Astral Light wherein are the elements and the philosophic mercury extracted from Sol; or it may mean Essence.’ (A.O. manuscript in the hand of Brodie-Innes, c. 1910.) Eliphas Lévi: AZOTH, universal magnesia, the great magical agent, the astral light, the light of life, fertilized by animic force, by intellectual energy, which they compare to sulphur on account of its affinities with divine fire.” (Transcendental Magic, 337) Blavatsky: “The creative principle in Nature the grosser portion of which is stored in the Astral Light. It is symbolized by a figure which is a cross (See Eliphas Levi), the four limbs of which bear each one letter of the word Taro, which can be read also Rota, Ator and in many other combinations each of which has an occult meaning.”



“Book of Light or Brillance,” annon. c.1175, appeared in Provence.


‘Banish the influence of anyone else who made or handled a symbol of implement before you use it yourself.’ FR#XI



Blessing or Grace.



The Son of Man.  The synthesis of the Ruach of the Universe.


House; B; 2. Path 12 (Kether to Binah). Mercury. The Magician.

Apply to Mercury if your find Deception of Lying or intellectual untruth when traveling in the Spirit Vision.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Beth in Whiteness.


“Understanding,”  the third sefirah.  A primal female symbol, located at the top left of the tree.





Refers to those “Corruscations of the Divine Light” which are above Kether of Atziluth.  Thence came forth the Gods, the Voice, the Aeons, and the Name.  6:85



Third of the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life.  That of Archangelic Consciousness. World of Creation and Pure Spirit.




See G.D. Companion (Gilbert) p. 79-82.



East, South, West, North.


To impregnate one’s work with ‘charge’ of vital astral force.  After which the figure should remain sacred to his touch alone.


The whole formulae . . . are intended to create a magical link between the Sun, as the Light of Nature, and the Order (to be celebrated within 48 hours of the Sun’s actual entry into Aries or Libra).  As it heralds the initiation of a fresh current, the old password is abrogated. The Hegemon fixes and seals the cross currents of the Elements in Tiphareth, representing the sudden attraction and sealing of a Force in Nature then in operation. 6:84.  [See the Four of Swords-Venus in Aries = Completion, ‘It is done.’].



“Lightning flash” vision described by Ezekiel, symbol of a highly ecstatic state among Merkabah mystics.


Site of the various occupations under Jupiter in the Microcosm. FR#XXI. “Lovingkindness,” the fourth sefirah.  Mercy.  Compassion. Generosity.  Linked with the patriarch Abraham.


Fence; Ch, 8. Path 18 (Binah to Geburah). Cancer. The Chariot.


Essential Will which is the creative impulse of the Yechidah (Kether), through which the latter obtains its self-realisation. Alloted to Chokmah.  The genius which stands in the presence of the Holy Yechidah=the Divine Self, which stands, as it were, before the Synthetical God of all things.  See Neschamah.  FR#X

CHOCHMAH (Hokhmah):

“Wisdom,” the second sefirah, situated at the top right of the tree and linked to the primal male principle.


Higher Self as link with the Truth of Life. FR#XXI


Born in 1879 and dying in 1484 a life of 106 years was apparently the term of his physical manifestation.  FR#105 for more.


= the Fading Light. 6:19.


The power of hearing sounds which the world cannot hear.  It is often a definite sound sent for a definite purpose.  FR#XIX


Old name: ‘Skrying in the Spirit Vision.’ Descrying in the Spirit Vision.


Energy force built up by the Operator of a magical work, partly from his own Nephesch and partly from the surrounding atmosphere.  In the operation of the ‘Ring and Disc’, the Disc is its base, while the truncated summit thereof is at the point of suspension of the Ring where the thread thereof passeth betwen the thumb and finger of the Operator.  A second cone is then mentally formulated, taking the form of an inverted cone rising from the point of suspension of the Ring, so that there will be built up in the astral light a form somewhat resembling an hourglass.  The upper inverted cone receives the impressions which the hands translates into action in the lower cone as the expression of these ideas.  An uninitiated person would almost certainly open a conical receptacular funnel into the ‘sphere of sensation’ [of him or her] thus preparing a ready path unto obsession, or self-deception.  If care is not taken the cone of reception will attract any passing intelligence or Force.’  Ritual Beth.


A supplement to the Fama claiming the reader whould find ‘incorporated in our Confession thirty-seven reasons of our purpose and intention, the which according to they pleasure thou mayest seek out and compare together, considering within thyself if they be sufficient to allure thee’. FR#XVI.


The aware part of the self which does the traveling in the spirit vision.



Three-fold cord bound about the waist = three-fold bondage of Mortality. Used in initiations where it equalled the length of a person’s body – i.e., taking the ‘measure of a man.’ The Soul bound into earthly or material inclination.  6:18. Also used to bind astral entities during a ritual.


Ceremony in which a senior representing the Third, or Invisible, Order restores the oath formerly taken upon the Cross on Corpus Christi Day.  “It is easy to understand why Corpus Christi was chosen for this ceremony.  It was the festival upon which Christian Rosencreutz had called the annual convocation of members.  Also it had a special symbolic value. Corpus Christi honors the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; in other word, the transfiguration of matter, and by analogy the transfiguration of earth and man.  In the fifteenth century the gorgeous processions of the Host were regularly followed by miracle plays and mysteries.”  V.Moore, The Unicorn, p. 459.



[placed above White Triangle on Neophyte Altar]:  = an Image of Him who was unfolded in the Light. 6:18.


Kether.  “Only with his head touching his Crown, his Kether, can a man have perfect Knowledge of the things of his Assiah.” FR#XXI.


It is described in the Sepher Yetzirah or the Book of Formation, as An Abyss of Height and as an Abyss of Depth, An Abyss of the East and An Abyss of the West, An Abyss of the North and An abyss of the South. 6:18.  Represents Salt?, Earth.



Envisioned when using the Tripod to extend from the top of the table to the floor to create a physical basis of strength. Ritual Beth.



Means “knowledge”. The secret sphere on the Tree of Life. the Threshold of one’s Divine Consciousness.  Site of the Prophets (as Inspired Priests) and Magicians. FR#XXI

Also the word used for knowledge in the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. It is not a sephira because it does not receive, alter, then transmit energy. It instead acts as a “filter” through Knowledge and Judgement as to what and how energy transfers across the Abyss – in both directions.


0=0 Ritual: Stationed at the South, symbolized heat and dryness.  Duty is to atend to the censer and the incense, and assist in the purification and consecration by Fire of the Hall, of the Members, and of the Candidate. 6:5.



Door; D; Four. Path 14 (Chokmah to Binah). Venus. The Empress.

Apply to Venus if you find you are enticed to pleasure when traveling in the Spirit Vison.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Daleth in Whiteness.



“In the Adept death can only supervene when the Higher Will consenteth thereto, and herein is implied the whole Mystery of the Elixir of Life.”  3:47.






See also Scrying. In this Simple Spirit Vision or ‘clairvoyance’ note that you see objects reversed, as to right and left, for which suitable allowance must be made.  You project, in this process, part of your own nerve and spirit force upon the symbol, and by this you attract and attach to it more akashic force from the environment, hence the results obtained. FR#XI


The state of cleaving to God. “Communion” usually with the Divine Realm.


Alternate title for Geburah; meaning “severity.”


Requires ‘a concentration of mind and of the vital and astral forces of the operator upon the subject matter.’  ‘Furnish the physical with symbols of protection and power, and the astral form with the astral counterpart of their insignia and implements.’ FR#XXVIII. “A divination shall be as a sacred work of the Divine Magic of Light, and not to be performed to pander unto thy curiosity regarding the secrets of another.” 3:5. “Unto the Letter Vau belong Divination in all its branches; and the art of making the Link between the subject of the work and the process of divination.” 6:32 “The more rigidly correct and in harmony with the scheme of the Universe is any form of Divination, so much the more is it likely to yield a correct and reliable answer to the enquirer. For then and then only is there a firm link, and bond of union, established between it and the Occult forces of Nature.” 4:8.


Names of Angelic, Archangelic and Divine Forces.


Angelic forces or Shining Ones. See also Angels.



The latent power, titanic and promethean, coiled beneath—the active magical power centered in man, his libido, neutral, of vast potentialities but neither good nor evil in itself. 1:59-60?  This power must be harnessed in order for the dragon to become a swan.





The forces of restriction.  They are not altogether evil, but are partly connected with Evil. FR#X.






Next four rituals after the Neophyte, taken from the cipher manuscripts and attributed to, respectively, Earth, the Moon and Air, Mercury and water and Venus and Fire.  The ceremonies in question were designed to equilibriate in the mind of the candidate the factors symbolised by the Four Elements; one modern authority has referred to them as being’ a sort of ceremonial psychoanalysis combined with a crash-course in occult theory.’ <#88> p. 98.


Also called Four Magical Implements. Wand, Cup, Sword, Pentacle.  When all four are present they preserve ‘a certain Balance and Harmony in the sphere of your aura.’  Hold any one of them (with concentrated idea) when trying to form an estimate of the strength of the corresponding force in any detail of your work or to secure physical or astral power and intensity of that character or to preserve your own natural equilibrium.’ FR#XXVIII  ‘It is of advantage to practice clairvoyance with the aid of the presence before you of the four Magical Implements, and even to hold the one suitable to the investigation.’ FR#XI.


The Elemental Spirits and other of their kind are an organisation not quite so complete as man.  In spiritual consciousness more keen, and yet in some ways his spiritual superior though organically his iferior.  They are the formers of the primal Man, that is the Elementary Man, and they have other and greater offices, for in them are many worlds and ranks and spheres.  They are as the younger man (i.e. child) and towards them also is Man responsible, and he hath wrought them much injustice.



Found in two texts: 1) Exodus XXXII:1 when Moses had gone to seek God, the Israelites said to Aaron: ‘Make us Elohim which shall go before us.’ or let us make Gods to help us, to form our ideals.  2) Genesis I:26 ‘And the Elohim said let us make man . . . in our image and after our likeness.’  The men cried let us make gods—The Gods said let us make men.  We are here seeking gods, or divine ideals;—and we are making men; for men make themselves and they make their own gods.  Let us then make Man—make the Divine Man out of the Human Man.  Let us create the Hermetic ideal man from the material sensual man.  FR#XV



EMETH (see Aemeth):


Consists of 21 letters used in the Enochian Language. ‘Of the nature of sigils and can therefore be better employed for magical purposes than our ordinary Roman characters. . . . One or more of these letters being placed on the particular square employed in a vision, instead of the Roman letter will aid the skyring power by compelling the force of concentration on to the one square in question and no other.’  FR#XXXI


“Just as the Tree of Life classifies the heavens of human consciousness into ten major divisions (sephiroth), the Enochian magick of Dr. John Dee divides the heavens into thirty Aires, or Aethyrs. By ceremonially intoning various “calls” in the angelic language, one can systematically penetrate these Aethyrs and experience a vision unique to that level of consciousness. Crowley’s visions of the thirty Aethyrs are chronicled in The Vision and The Voice, and directly influence the imagery found on several trumps, especially, the Magus, the Lovers, the Chariot, Lust, Art, and the Universe.” DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, p. 294.


Nineteen invocations received by Dee and Kelley, designed to be used with various parts of the squares received.  Thus the third, seventh, eighth and ninth Keys are used in conneciton with the Tablet of Air (Eastern Quadrangle); the third used in the invocation of Air itself and the other three Keys with, respectively, Water of Air, Earth of Air, and Fire of Air.  <#2> p. 262.


A real language with definite traces of grammar and syntax, and not a mere gibberish, according to Francis King. <#2> p. 261.  ‘Has its origin in the Egyptian and its close resemblance to the Ethiopic.’ FR#XXXI.  The language of the Angels.


Angelic Magic.


Five are of much greater importance than the remainder.  They are: 1) the ‘Great Eastern Quadrangle of Air’, 2) the ‘Great Western Quadrangle of Water’ 3) the ‘Great Northern Quadrangle of Earth’, 4) the ‘Great Southern Quadrangle of Fire,’ and 5) the ‘Tablet of Union,’ sometimes referred to as the ‘Quadrangle of Spirit’.  1-4 are divided into 156 squares, 5 is divided into 20 squares from which are derived certain Divine and Angelic names.  Each Tablet is also sub-divided into four other Tablets attributed to the Elements (Earth of Fire, etc.)  <#2> p. 262-263.


Study well that Great Arcanum, the proper equilibrium of mercy and severity, for either unbalanced is not good; unbalanced severity is cruelty and oppression; unbalanced mercy is but weakness and would permit evil to exist unchecked, thus making itself as it were the accomplice fo that evil.  6:19.


If an error appears in a vision build up the appropriate Hebrew letter in brilliant white light in front of any image which you suspect, and if it is not true it will cause that image to disappear.  If the error is in memory, the sober and steadying influence of Tau/Saturn will cause a memory picture to disappear.  Similarly Beth for Mercury will cause to vanish any product of lying intellectual delusion. Daleth for Venus is used for the result of intellectual vanity. Gimel for Luna for a wavering mind. Resh for the Sun for delusions of haughtiness, vanity, etc. Kaph for the path of Juptier against imagination. Peh for the path of Mars against revenge, hatred, etc.  FR#XXV




Hebrew name for Tree of Life.


A rite at the end of the Neophyte ritual —all present one by one, inhale the perfume of a rose, to represent Air, warm their hands over a lamp, thus partaking of ‘Elemental Fire,’ eat bread and salt, symbolising Earth, and finally, drink wine—elemental water.  <#88> p. 98.


The synthesis of Creation and represents the Mother of Life, as the name ChaVaH is. FR#X.


As the Serpent cannot arise into the World of briah, or indeed transcend the limits of Yetzirah.  If we seek for the correspondence of Evil in the Worlds of Briah and Atziluth, it will be found to consist in a lesser form of Good—a limiting, restristing and binding force without which you cannot have form on the higher planes.  It is only in the worlds of Yetzirah and Assiah that the analogue of this principle becomes absolutely Evil.  FR#X


Even the Evil Persona is not so evil when it fulfilleth its work.  The Ritual of the Adeptus Minor saith that even the “Evil helpeth forward the Good.” When the evil Sephiroth are expelled from the Nephesch into the evil Persona, they are, in a sense, equilibriated therein.  The evil persona can be rendered as a great and strong, yet trained, animal whereupon the man rideth, and it then becometh a strength unto his physical base of action.  This Mystery shalt thou keep from the knowledge of the First Order, and still more from that of the Outer World, that is as a formula, seeing that is a dangerous secret. 3:43.




FAILURE:  “Fear is failure.”  6:13.


Cut away the higher from the lower sephiroth in Daath.  Was our descent into this life from that Upper and Higher Soul.  Our object is to get into contact with that Higher Soul again, which is only to be done through the Neschamah.  FR#X.


Or a Discovery of the most laudable Order of the Roy Cross the publication of which took place at Cassel in 1614, though this tract is dated 1610.  FR#XVI.




‘Tablets [Tattvas] and Telesmas are described as being made in Flashing Colours, when in one tablet, a certain colour and its direct complementary are shown in opposition and shine by contrast.  In such tablets do the elemental forces manifest most readily . . . They attract and reflect the rays of light from the akashic plane enveloping them.’ FR#XI



the Divine Vision. FR#XXI  ‘Vital Astral Force.’ FR#XI


Influences beyond the material world (usually from the Astral).  The only way to avoid being controlled by such forces is to preserve what we call the positive attitude, which is the extreme contrast to what is called mediumship.  FR#XIX





See Elemental Implements.



Used during the Zelator 1=10 initiation. Also known as the Hermetic Cross, the Swastika, the Hammer of Thor and the Talisman of the Armes. It is formed of seventeen squares taken from a square of twenty-five squares, and refers to the Sun, the Zodiac and the four Elements. 1:131?check?





The Place of the Guardian of the Dawning Sun. Throne of the Hierophant in the Neophyte Ritual. 6:19.


Place of the Guardian of the Cauldron and the Well of Water—of Cold and Moisture.  Seat of the Stolistes in the Neophyte Ritual. 6:19.


Place of the Guardian of the Lake of Fire and the Burning Bush.  Seat of the Dadouchos in the Neophyte Ritual. 6:19.


Place of the Guardian against the Multitudes that sleep through the Light and awaken at the twilight.  Throne of the Hiereus in the Neophyte Ritual. 6:19.


Site of the various occupations under Mars. FR#XXI

GEDULAH: Alternate name for Chesed.


Numerology.  Every Hebrew letter has a numerological value, and by adding the sum of letters in words the esotericist can weave and interrelate concepts and terms.


Angelic Self (in Yetzirah). FR#XXI


An Earth Oracle, usually involving the random generation of a series of eight dots which can form sixteen different geomantic figures representing the twelve signs of the zodiac and the Moon’s north and south nodes. Two cards in the Thoth deck use these figures in their imagery: the Seven and Eight of Disks. More Zodiacal than Planetary.


“Strength”, the fifth sefirah.  Also called Din (Severity), and Pacad (Fear).  Called “the raging inferno of the Lord.”


Incarnations.  Cycle of rebirth.  Transmigration of souls.


Apply to the Moon if you have trouble with Wavering of the Mind when traveling in the Spirit Vision.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Gimel in Whiteness.





In the rituals, the Astral shells of the Gods are brought in and vivified by the officer who corresponds with their energy, i.e.: Hierophant=Osiris.  Imperator=Nephthys. Praemonstrator=Isis. Cancellarius=Thoth.



GRADE 5=6:

The principle symbolism chiefly centres around the discovery and opening of the Vault of Christian Rosycross. Consists of sub-grades of Zelator Adeptus Minor, Theoricus Adeptus Minor and Practicus Adeptus Minor.

GRADE 6=5:

Based on the 120 years of silence following the death of Christian Rosycross.  It is a degree of death and solemnity—referring to the precedent stage of obscuration, during which silent study and meditation may be considered as the typical condition.

GRADE 7=4:

Based on the life of Christian Rosycross, Adeptus Exemptus refers to the higher and more exalted rank and attainments of him who founded the Rosicrucian Order, as a new formulation of that Occult philosophy or Wisdom Religion.


Saturn.  The World card in the Tarot.  The Hebrew letter Tau.  The Path from Malkuth to Yesod.



Often ‘seen’ swathing everything, on which, as though thrown from a magic lantern on steam, the form of the symbol is projected. FR#XXV  Often then becomes like a curtain through which one can pass via Astral Projection.



Marks grade in Order.  Neophyte = seeking for guidance in darkness; see 6:17.




The symbol of life, because the character H is one mode of representing the ancient Greek aspirate; Breathing and Breath, are the evidence of life. 6:4.


literally, “the Way,” the legal parameters of Judaism.


Egyptian God of Silence.  6:17.  Also Harpocrates, Child of Horus. Image of the child Horus with one finger over lips to indicate silence.  See Aeon card of Crowley-Harris-Thoth Tarot deck.



In Neophyte Ritual:  Stationed between the two pillars of Hermes and Solomon facing the cubical altar of the Universe.  Duties:  Presides over the symbolic gateway of Occult Science.  Reconciles between light and darkness.  Follows Kerux in circumambulations.  Superintends the preparation of the Candidate.  Leads him through the path of darkness into light.  Assists in his reception. Aids other officers in the execution of their duties. Wears white robe symbolizing purity. Ensign of office: The mitre-headed sceptre symbolizing Religion, to guide and regulate life. Office symbolizes those higher aspirations of the soul, which should guide its actions.  6:6.  The Throne of the Hegemon . . . is the Place of Balanced Power between the Ultimate Light and the Ultimate Darkness. 6:19.  “He is a projection of the intuitive consciousness.” <Moore, 1954 #56> p. 185.


Window; H or E; 5. Path 15 (Chokmah to Tiphareth). Aquarius. The Star.


Unto the First Heh belong the consecration and charging of Telesmata, and the production of Natural Phenomena, as storms, earthquakes, etc. 6:32. Equated with element of Water and Cups.


To the Final Heh belong the works and oprations of the Art of Alchemy, the order of its processes and Transmutation. 6:32. Equated with the element of Earth and Pentacles.



“Palaces,” or Halls of God’s palace.  A central motif of early visionary mysticism during the Talmudic era centered around the ascent of the mystic through a series of palaces to a final Throneroom, where the divine Glory and Its retinue are situated.  See merkavah.



Is expressed in the Ritual, Pictorial and Symbolic representations of the GD.  It has no Pope or Popess.



“The single name for the twin forms of the Egyptian god Horus. HOOR-PA-KRAAT is the passive form, and RA-HOOR KHUT is the active form. As far as we know, Heru-ra-ha is a name found only in The Book of the Law, chapter II, verse 35: “The half of the world of Heru-ra-ha, called Hoor-pa-kraat and Ra-Hoor-Khut.” In the Thoth Tarot, Heru-ra-ha is found in his double form on Atu XX, the Aeon.” DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, p. 297.


Two interlocking triangles overlapping in opposition. Consists of two forms Fire and Water;— i.e. the ideal Fire and the ideal Water; the Spirit and the Water of Creation,—the spiritual Ether and the Ethereal Fire (the Fire of the Holy Spirit).  FR#X.


Holy Guardian Angel.


In Neophyte Ritual:  Stationed at the throne of the West which symbolizes the increase of darkness; descrease of light.  Duties:  presides over twilight and darkness, which encompass us in the absence of the Sun of Life and Light.  Guards the gate of the West.  Assists in the reception of the Candidate. Superintends the inferior officers in the execution of their duties.  Black robe symbolizes Darkness.  Insignia of office: Sword and Banner of the West.  Banner = Twilight.  Sword = Severity and Judgement.  Office = Fortitude. 6:7.


In Neophyte Ritual:  Stationed on the Throne of the East = the rise of the Sun of Life and Light.  Duties:  to rule and govern the Hall in accordance with the laws of the Order.  Red color of robe = Light.  Insigna are the Sceptre and the Banner of the East = power and light, mercy and wisdom.  Office is that of Expounder of the Mysteries. 6:8.  “He is a projection of the Highest Self.” <Moore, 1954 #56> p. 185.


Send down Divine Rays. FR#XXI


The main object of the Second Order.  The development of the Spiritual sides of our natures in contradistinction to the purely intellectual. FR # XIX


the link with the Truth of Life.  The Christ Within.  FR#XXI  ‘It is the Higher Self which receives prompting from Higher Powers at those times when the Lower Self is set aside, and when the interference of Elementary and Qlipothic forces is provided against.’ FR#XXVIII.


Site of the various occupations under Mercury. FR#XXI. “Majesty,” the eighth sefirah.  Also called Glory.


Path of the Chameleon—the knowledge of the colours of the forces which lie beyond the physical universe. 3:31.  Lecture details of the Rainbow Colors of the Queen Scale Sephiroth, coloring to be used by the Adeptus Minor.  The Bow [Qesheth] is of brilliant and perfect colour, whose analysis and synthesis yield others of the same scale, and hence is this entitled “The Book of the Path of the Chameleon”—that Path, namely which ascendeth alone through the force of Qesheth, the Bow [Temperance card or Hebrew letter Samekh as path from Yesod to Tiphareth, therefore up the middle pillar]. 3:31.  To climb this path one must work with the Forces of Qesheth the Bow, that is: the Sephiroth being in the feminine or Queen’s scale [Briah, Cups, Heh, Water] and the Paths in the masculine or King’s scale [Atziluth, Wands, Yod, Fire].  3:32.  It thus represents the forces of Atziluth in the Paths uniting the Sephiroth as reflected in the Briatic World, one of the possible arrangements of the powers inherent in YOD HE of the Great Name. 3:32.  It is absolutely indispensable when considering the colouring of the Vault.-I.R. 8:32.  The colours of the Paths and the Sephiroth form a mutal balance and harmony on the Tree. Colours are Forces, the Signatures of the Forces; and the Child of the children of the Forces art thou.  And therefore about the Throne of the Mighty One is a Rainbow of Glory, and at His Feet is the Crystal Sea.  But there are many other attributions of colour also, seeing that the respective rays meet and blend with each other.  And therefore do I greet thee with the Mystic Title of Hodos Chamelionis, the Path of the Chamelion, the Path of Mixed Colours. 7:55.

Also is an Officer in some of the rituals i.e. Consecration of the Vault 8:18, and in the 5=6.  See Yeats’s references in Autobiographies.


“Angelic being or level of human consciousness personified as an angel, representing supreme spiritual realization of one’s personal and devotional ideal. On the Tree of Life, this experience and level of consciousness is represented by the sixth sephira, Tiphareth. The goal of the Golden Dawn was the knowledge and conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel.

A term for the higher self used by the Golden Dawn (and taken from The Sacred Book of Abramelin the Mage as translated by Mathers c. 1898), is essentially the true self of every individual.  It is only by “conversing” with that self that a person can know his/her true will.


Image of the Darkness, Of Ignorance, of Mortality that has blinded men to the Happiness and Beauty their eyes once looked upon. 6:18.


Child of Isis and Osirus. Hawk God.


An Officer in the Second Order. Mark of authority over matters of disagreement, wrath, misunderstanding and irritation between members.  Also enforcement of the authority of the Chief of the Order and plans requiring energy in the carrying out, or advice on matters requiring decisive action.  [Originally invested in L.O.] FR#XXIX


“Great Angel of the Tarot” or “Great Guardian Angel,” who is set over the Operation of the Secret Wisdom: “And I saw a strong Angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the Books and to loose the [seven] seals thereof?’” This Great Angel is to be invoked in clairvoyance and divination to increase spiritual perception. Possible form of Egyptian Horus or Hu: “Tongue of Ptah and Ra,” a designation of Thoth. -Rehmus


Avenging Angel invoked in initiations to witness the swearing of obligations.




“Imagination is the Creative Faculty of the human mind, the plastic energy—the Formative Power. . . Imagination must be distinguished from Fancy.  It must be an orderly and intentional mental process, and result.”  “When a man imagines he actually creates a form on the Astral or even on some higher plane; and this form is as real and objective to intelligent beings on that plane, as our earthly surroundings are to us. . .. It must be vitalized to be used for good or evil by Will.  The Imagination unaided [by Will] can create an image but do nothing of importance, unless vitalized and directed by the Will.” FR #V

“Imagination (eidolon) means the faculty of building an image.” It is as powerful as one’s ability to perceive forces in the Macrocosm. (para). 5:105.

Paracelsus says: “Man has a visible and invisible workshop. The visible one is his body, the invisible one his imagination…. The imagination is a sun in the soul of man acting in its own sphere, as the sun in our system acts on the earth. Wherever the latter shines, germs planted in the soil grow, and vegetation springs up; the imagination acts in a similar manner in the soul, and calls forms of life into existence…. The Spirit is the master, imagination the tool; and the body the plastic material. Imagination is the power by which the will forms sidereal entities out of thoughts, it can produce and cure disease.” quoted in A Short Enquiry Concerning the Hermetic Art,  Introduction by Florence Farr (London, 1894).  Also: “Imagination is the power of forming images in our minds. It is the development and intensification of an idea, which first exists, is then conceived passively in the thought sphere; then the mind(perceiving the idea can be used) brings desire into play, which is developed into an act of will, and this converts the passive conception of the ideas into an active Imagination. So begins the magical process. FF.


See G.D. Companion (Gilbert), p. 79-82.







During the waiting period between Portal and Second Order Initiation the aspirant was supposed to devote much of his time to an introspective process of self-analysis described as follows:— ‘The Aspirant. . . must acknowledge his debt to evolution through which has been perfected the instrument wherein his mind words and gathers material.  Then through meditation he is led to see himself as not only self conscious—as one who receives impressions—one who criticises and watches . . . but, standing outside himself, he now becomes one who endeavours to sense how his mask appears to others—sees himself as part of the consciousness of others, as one who impresses, one who is criticized and watched. . . .  ‘He will reflect on words and the power of words. . . the magic, both good and evil, of human communion by words, he will begin to grasp why the Order reiterates the importance of silence.  The true Magician must understand his tools and, in periods of silence, he must contemplate words as one of them.’  <#88> p. 99.


Looking within.  ‘It is by looking within, or intuition that all knowledge lying within each man’s own sphere of sensation is made available.’ FR#XXV.


Try and test all figures in clairvoyant processes by invoking a Divine Force.  Calling on a particular Spirit, force or Elemental by vibrating their name or using a Telesma (i.e. put names, seal and sigil of Force on one side, and the name of THMAH spelled in Coptic on the other for use for ‘Ring and Disc’).  Ritual Beth  “In thy occult working, thou art advised to invoke the divine and Angelic Names, so that thy Lower Will may willingly receive the influx of the Higher Will, which is also the Lower Genius behind which are the all-potent forces.” 3:43-44. “Invocation, by which he calls down that which is above him and within him; but for Evocations, bywhich he calls forth that which is below him and without him, he may place a triangle without the circle.” [Crowley, Book IV, p. 54]


Mark of authority over matters of maintenance of peace and harmony between members.  Instruction in doubtful application of occult correspondences.  Decision in cases of vacillation and doubting of mind and decisions in matters affecting the harmony existing between different method of occult working.  [Originally invested in S.S.D.D.] FR#XXIX


“Isolation tends to make a man egotistical . . . and this Egotism of the Spirit, (though no so gross a sin as is that of the Animal or the Human Consciousness) will yet be a far greater snare to him, as being more subtle and therefore less easy to be perceived and checked. FR#XXI




‘The Ritual says ‘therefore art though inexcusable, whoever thou art, who judgest another.’  You are not to endeavour to seek grievances against your fellows, or seek to rule or supervise them, unless you happen to be in authority over them.  FR#XIX.






Palm of hand. K. 20. Path 21 (Chesed to Netzach). Jupiter. Wheel of Fortun.

Apply to Jupiter under the name ‘Lord of the Forces of Life’ if Imagination cheats thee in Spirit Vision or Travel.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Kaph in Whiteness.  FR#XI.


One-pointed concentration.  Prayer with conscious intent.


Symbols in Lurianic prayer book to induce one-pointed concentration.

KELLIPPOT (Qliphoth):

“Harlots” or “shells’.  Demons of the Kabbalah.  Personifications of evil: the Vice of a Sephira, or a principle opposite to that for which the Sephira stands.  What happens when the Harmony of a Sephira is shattered.  Works to deny unity.


In Neophyte Ritual:  Stationed within the Portal of the Hall.  Duty: sees that all furniture is properly arranged. Guards the inner side of the Portal. Assists in the reception of Candidates.  Attends to the Lamp of the office.  Leads the mystic circumambulation.  Makes all announcements and reports. Symbols are Lamp and Wand. 6:5  “A projection of the rational consciousness.” <Moore, 1954 #56> p. 185.


the Crown which is placed on the head of the complete Initiate. ‘The Kether of each of our Sephiroth is the reflection of that of our Microcosm, which again is a reflection of its Higher Prototypes. . . seeing that it is a presentment of the Divine no Kether can be unbalanced.’ FR#XXI. “Crown,” the first sefirah in the tree.  The precise relationship of Kether ro Ain Sof was often confused in early Kabbalah, with some authors stating that there is no substantial difference between the two, and others citing massive essential differeences between the source of emanation and the first emanated product.


“Light in Extension.” Ancient Egyptian words that are the origin of the Greek Konx Om Pax, which was uttered at the Eleusinian Mysteries.  A literal translation would be “Light Rushing out in One Ray” and they signify the same form of light as that symbolized by the Staff of the Kerux. 6:18.


the Human Being [the Man] standing in his Sephiroth.  The boundary, the frontier of the realm of the King with its own character (general aim and tendency of the Kingdom), its own constitution (his Sephiroth as principal scheme or model), its inhabitants, etc. FR#XXI.


See Qliphoth.


Is made by rapping the base or shaft of Wand or the pommel of Sword on a Table. 6:3.


Light in Extension.” Greek words uttered as a ceremonial formula of dismissal at the Eleusinian Mysteries.  See also Khabs Am Pekht. 6:18. Traced to an Akkadian origin as a profession of the Supreme Truth of existence. Indicates “Peace, be still.” Waite could not trace the origin or true meaning of this term (nor of the Egyptian version).



Ox goad. L. 30. Path 22 (Geburah to Tiphareth). Libra. Justice/Adjustment.


Thirty-six hidden Just Men whose presence sustains the world.



Hidden Light of Occult Science. 6:16.


The everburning Lamp of the Guardian of the Mysteries. 6:19.



Also called Ritual of the Pentagram. Should be done every day.   Take a consecrated dagger into the right hand and face East.  Touch the forehead and say ‘Eh-tay-hay’.  Touch the belly and say ‘Malkuth’. Touch the right shoulder and say ‘ve Geburah’. Touch the left should and say ‘ve Gedulah’.  Cross your hands over your heart and say ‘le Olahm Amen.  Still in the East, trace the Earth Pentagram with the dagger in the air envisioning it before you in white flames, point the dagger into the center and vibrate JHVH.  Turn to the South and do as before but vibratinge ADNI.  Turn to the West and do likewise but vibrate AHIH.  Turn to the North and do so again but vibrate AGLA.  Complete the circle by returning to the East, extend your arms palms up and say: “Before me Raphael, Beind me Gabriel, On my right Michael, On my left Auriel, for about me flame the pentagram; and Above me shines the six rayed Star.” Repeat the Qabalistic Cross from the beginning, ending with ‘le Olahm Amen’.   See also: King, 1987, p. 38.



Translation of Knox Om Pax and Khabs Am Pekht.




The Planetary Forces, represented by the Seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet. FR#XI.


Gives precision to your working and supplies a ready means of appeal to any special force, zodiacal or planetary, by hour or present position; or elementary by triplicity.’ FR#XXVIII.  Tends to be more zodiacal than planetary.


Palm branch, symbolic of the human spine in meditative visualization.


“Lux e tenebris” – Light out of darkness. It is equivalent to this other sentence: Truth out of initiation. Lux, or light, is truth; tenebrae, or darkness is initiation. [Mackey, 157]

Light, God. A sign formed by crossing the arms before the breast, right over left.

L–the Sign of the Mourning of Isis (with bowed head)

V–the Sign of Typhon and Apophis (with head erect)

X–the Sign of Osiris Risen (with head bowed)



(sing. Ma’amar):  literally, “Utterances,” specifically related to the rabbinic tradition of the “ten Utterances by which the world was created.”  In Kabbalistic literature, often a synonym for sefirot.


The Universe.


The Amen.  The Lord of Kether.  FR#X.  Is Amina and Abba, Mother-Father.


“Magic is essentially a hierarchic philosophy and the idea of an evolutionary ladder of ‘grades’ or ‘degrees’ is an integral part of it.  The idea seems to have originated in classical times when the universe was pictured as a series of concentric spheres with God, Artistotle’s prime mover, as the outermost, then the sphere of the fixed stars, then the seven spheres of the planets known to antiquity, then finally, the sphere of the earth, the sublunar world of change and decay.  The conception was taken over by the gnostics—those cultists, some pagan, some nomially Christian, who saw neither faith, nor works, but knowledge as the key to salvation—who believed tha the human soul must travel up through the spheres, back to God, in order to obtain redemption.  It was generally supposed that this rising through the spheres was a post-mortem experience, but some cults held that it could be achieved while still in the body and that the initiate who had achieved or partially achieved this would be possessed of supernatural powers; he who had successfully reached, say, the sphere of Jupiter would have the magical powers of that sphere and of all the spheres below it.”  <King, 1982 #88> p. 90-91.


Yeats, in his essay “Magic” (1901) in Ideas of Good and Evil (1903) begins:  “I believe in the practice and philosophy of what we have agreed to call magic, in what I must call the evocation of spirits, though I do not know what they are, in the power of creating magical illusions, in the visions of truth in the depths of the mind when the eyes are closed.”

He continues with the well-known summary of the three doctrines which have ‘been the foundations of nearly all magical practices;’

‘(1) That the borders of our mind are ever shifting, and that many minds can flow into one another, as it were, and create or reveal a single mind, a single energy.

(2) That the borders of our memories are as shifting, and that our memories are a part of one great memory, the memory of Nature herself.

(3) That this great mind and great memory can be evoked by symbols.” <Harper, 1974 #63> p. 100.


“Magic . . .  is lucid.  It is definite and precise. . . .  Its system is absolutely scientific, and each part thereof is capable of verificatio and demonstrable proof. . . . Not a theoretical knowledge of the Self is it that the Mystic seeks, a purely intellectual philosophy of the universe—although that too has its place.  The Mystic seeks a deeper level of acquaintance. . . . The Magician must be in control of the whole of his nature; every constituent element in his being must be developed under Will to the topmost pitch of perfection. . . . In Magic no attempt is made to acquire powers for their own sake, or for any base or nefarious purpose. . . .  The Magician is obliged to comprehend that his one aspiration is to his Higher Self.”  Regardie: The Tree of Life, p. 11ff



Of Mars and Geburah.  Held in the right hand gives strength in working and fortitude when divining.  In Geomancy may hold the sword in the left hand, while making the dot with the right hand. FR#XXVIII  Symbolizes Severity and Judgement. 6:7.


Clairvoyance using the ‘Ring and Disc’, ‘Tripod’, or other forms of divination.


See Sphere of Sensation.


Working with it cultivates the sense of touch.  With closed eyues, you can detect the presence of a magnet held near the skin, and that with continued practice you will be able to appreciate the difference between the North and South Poles of the Magnet.  The forehead is the best point upon which to experiment. FR#XIX.





Seat of Nephesh and of the Animal Soul. On its lowest plane (Assiah) our bodies that we feed and clothe. “Kingdom,” the tenth and last sefirah in the tree, also called the “unreflecting mirror.”  The realm of the immanent shekhinah.



The female aspect of God; also called Shekhinah.


‘To be the playground of forces you must control (but cannot). FR#XI.  The cultivation of negativity.  FR#XIX.


Water. M. 40. Mother letter. Path 23 (Geburah to Hod). Water. Hanged Man.


“Throne mysticism”, prevalent in the first two centuries C.E.; also defined as “chariot”.  Jewish mystics of Talmudic time conceived of the divine realm as a series of chambers and chariots, based ont he visions of Ezekiel.


A Kerubim. Guardian of Malkuth as one of two pillars of which the other is Sandalphon.  6:85.


The Descending Divine Influence; the Influence of the Holy and Divine Spirit. Preface to Kabbalah Unveiled.



A reflection in minature of the Macrocosm.


The lower nine sephiroth; most specifically Tiphareth as the “Lesser Countenance,” which is Man made in God’s image or Adam Kadmon (in contradistinction to the Macroprosopus/God/Kether).


The Pillar of Mildness.  ‘He who stands straight in the Middle Pillar will not be so prejudiced as his brother who lean towards Severity or Mercy, but unless he is linked with his Kether, he does not take in the whole scheme of his Sephiroth;—is therefore incomplete, and his judgment imperfect. FR#XXI


This technique involved the frequent visualisation of a stream of psychic energy, imagined as acurrent of white light, travelling from above the head to the soles of the feet and back again, in the course of its journey vivifying certain centres of energy. . . . The use of the Middle Pillar technique was believed to help the body as well as the soul.  <#88> p. 99.


The lengendary tradition of Judaism.



Source of the colours of the Crook and Scourge, representing the just equilibrium between Mercy and Severity on the Tree of Life. 7:55  Diagram Minutum Mundum sive Fundamental Coloris — the Small Universe or Foundation of Colour.  Herein is the Key of Nature.  It is, as thou seest, the diagram of the Sephiroth and the Paths, with the colours appropriately attributed thereto. See that thou reveal it not to the prfane, for man and great are its mysteries. 7:54.


Divine precept.  Literally “commandment,” a divine ordinance in the halakhah based on either biblical or Talmudic premises.



Having attained the Yetziratic (Angelic), Briatic (Archangelic) and Aziluthic (Divine) planes by first becoming the Perfect Man in Assiah(the Adept). FR#XXI


See Mystical Motto.


The mountain of spiritual ascent.  Rosenkreuz was intered after death in the Pastos within the seven-sided cave or vault beneath this mountain.

Wooded mountain; according to Wynn Westcott, a mystic name “from whence, as from a certain mountain, Rosicrucian documents are often found to be issued — ‘Monte Abiegno.’ There is a connection with Mount Meru, and other sacred hills.”

Adeptus Minor Ritual: This is the symbolic Mountain of God in the centre of the Universe, the sacred Rosicrucian Mountain of Initiation, the Mystic Mountain of Abiegnus. Below and around it are darkness and silence, and it is crowned with the Light ineffable. At its base is the Wall of Enclosure and Secrecy, whose sole Gateway, invisible to the profane, is formed of the Two Pillars of Hermes. The ascent of the Mountain is by the Spiral Path of the Serpent of Wisdom. Stumbling on between the Pillars is a blindfolded figure, representing the Neophyte, whose ignorance and worthlessness while only in that Grade is shown by the 0=0, and whose sole future claim to notice and recognition by the Order is the fact of his having entered the Pathway to the other Grades, until at length he attains to the summit.”

Described in Adeptus Minor Ritual: “The Tomb [of Christian Rosenkreutz] is symbolically situated in the Centre of the Earth, in the Mountain of the Caverns, the Mystic Mountain of Abiegnus. The meaning of this title of Abiegnus — Abi-Agnus, Lamb of the Father. It is by metathesis Abi-Genos, Born of the Father, Bia-Genos, Strength of our race, and the four words make the sentence: ABIEGNUS ABIAGNUS ABI-GENOS BIA-GENOS. ‘Mountain of the Lamb of the Father, and the Strength of our Races.’ I. A. O. YEHESHUA. Such are the words.” (RGD 223-24 [Bk II 201-02]).

When asked “What is the Key to this Tomb” Response: “The Rose and the Cross, which resume the Life of Nature, and the powers hidden in the word I.N.R.I.” “The Emblem which we bear in our left hands is a form of the Rose and the Cross.”

from : “The Mount is the Cosmic Mountain which the initiate must scale and at whose foot lies the Vault of Christian Rosenkreuz (see “The Mountain Tomb”, VP 311). Abiegnos or Abiegnus is the Golden Dawn’s Mountain of Initiation, climbed via the spiral Path of the Serpent (the Ciceros’ modern Golden Dawn group gives pictures from the archives of Dr Felkin’s Whare Ra temple, including the Mountain of Initiation). At the simplest level abiegnus is Latin for ‘covered in fir trees’ or ‘made of fir’, but a complex word-play was given by the Golden Dawn, involving hybrid derivations from Hebrew, Latin and Greek.” [see above]




Painted upon any implement has its special use of ‘identifying the Power of the weapon with your own force.’  ‘You should not imprint your own motto upon a telesm or flashing tablet given by you to another member (except to the Chiefs for purpose of examination or tests). But you may add it to such a design intended by you, for your own wearing or use. FR#XXVIII



Animal or vital Soul.  It dissolves upon physical mortality.


We do not progress under a negative attitude or constitution.  These carry with them definite risks to ourselves from elemental forces which may attack us.  FR#XIX.


An Egyptian head-dress worn by the Chiefs and Officers in the rituals. They are usually striped black and white or in complementary colors.


First ritual in the GD. 0=0 Grade. Grade of an initiate who has achieved the level of conscious represented by Malkuth.


Nephesch=Malkuth.  Animal Soul.   It is the vehicle by which the mind is brought into contact with matter.  The cloak of the incarnation.  The only mortal part about the Man.  If you can once get the great force of the Highest to send its ray clean down through the Neschamah into the mind, and thence, into your physical body, the Nephesch would be so transformed as to render you almost like a God walking on this Earth.  FR#X


Mark of authority over matters of difficulty in the application of given rules to material correspondences.  Difficulties in the ordering of studies of inferior members, in the selection of Forces ot work, under or with, for a fixed end; or requiring a right application of rules already given.  [Originally invested in FetR.] FR#XXIX


The higher aspirations of the Soul. <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:75.  Is subdivided into three (an essential trinity): the Yechidah, or Divine Spark (Kether), the Chiah, or Will (Chochmah), and the Neschamah proper (Binah). Neschamah is the Yechidah’s own Understanding (Binah) of itself. Neschamah answers to the World of Briah. It is the higher aspirations of the Soul, which aspire to the ideal.  The Divine Mother of the Soul,—our Aima. The only way to get into contact with the Upper and Higher Soul is via the Neschamah. There can be no positively evil side to Neschamah:— there will only be a higher or lower aspiration.  If the Ruach overpowers the Neschamah; if the Neschamah seeks the lower good, both will be ruined.  The following of a false idea cannot be said to be exactly evil, but is a lower Good than it should be.  The way that the initiate becomes the Adept (in part) is:  The Ruach directed in accordance with the promptings of the Neschamah keeps the Nephesch from being the ground of the Evil forces, and the Neschamah bring it (the Ruach) into contact with the Chiah (Chochmah) i.e. the genius which stands in the presence of the Holy Yechidah=the Divine Self (Kether), which stands, as it were, before the Synthetical God of all things.  That is the only real way to become the Greatest Adept, and is directly dependent on your life and your actions in life. FR#X  [See also: Task of Adeptus Minor: <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:43.] Spiritual, transcendent portion of the Human Soul which continues after death.


Site of the various occupations under Venus. FR#XXI. “Victory,” the seventh sefirah.  Also called Endurance.


“One of several Qabalistic techniques of manipulating letters and words in order to discover additional esoteric meanings. There are two kinds of Notariqon. The first condenses a word, sentence, or phrase into a simpler one by reading only the initial letters in an attempt to retrieve a more fundamental truth. The second expands a word into a sentence whose component words are the initials of the original word.” DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, p. 300.


Place of greatest symbolic darkness.  6:13.


Fish. N. 50. Path 24 (Tiphareth to Netzach). Scorpio. Death.



Recited at Neophyte Ritual and signed.  Details pledges required primarily on secrecy, dedication to study, use of powers, etc.  Swears observances under the penalty of “voluntarily submitting myself to a deadly and hostile current of will” should these be forfit. 6:12.


Although occasionally striking physical results may ensue, yet there will be danger within. The result of this will always be to make the Operator personate and imitate the action of the Force evoked, even to the extent of attempting to deceive both himself and those who may be with him.  Ritual Beth. “Obsession always entereth through a cutting off of the Higher from the Lower Will, and it is ordinarily first induced by a Thought-Ray of the Spiritual consciousness (whence one danger of evil thoughts) ill-governed, penetrating the Sphere of Sensation and admitting another potency, either human embodied, or human disembodied, elemental or demonic.” 3:47.



Wheel-shaped angelic beings.


Seven Officers of the Ritual taken from the Eleusinian Mysteries.  See G.D. Companion (Gilbert) p. 80-82.



Term for Tarot divination.




The “garden” or “paradise”, symbolizing Jewish mystical practice.  According to rabbinic tradition, a small circle of 2nd C. C.E. Rabbis “entered pardes,” a probable reference to some esoteric theological speculation.  PaRDeS became an acronym for the fourfold levels of interpretation found in the biblical text: 1) peshat–literal meaning, 2) remez–the homiletic “hint”, 3) derash–the legal “elucidation’, and 4) sod–the “secret” interpretation.


The Veil of the Temple in the Portal Ritual.


Coffin or sarcophagus of Christian Rosenkreuz. The Pastos which stands under the Circular Altar [in the Vault of the Adepti] has no bottom but a hinged lid which can be turned back during the Second Point of the 5=6 Ceremony.  8:32.


Named  ‘Lord of the Forces of Life.’  Astrologically: Jupiter.  In the Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune.  Hebrew letter = Kaph.  Path between Netzach and Chesed.   ‘Apply to Kaph if Imagination cheats thee when traveling in the Spirit Vision.’ FR#XI


Path from Yesod (Foundation) to Tiphereth (Beauty).  Temperance/Art in the Tarot.  Hebrew letter = Samekh.  Astrologically = Sagittarius.   ‘The strait and narrow path which leads to truly spiritual regions of perception, that is attained by the process called Rising in the Planes.’ FR#XI.  In the Portal Ceremony is said: “Therefore, by the straight and narrow path of Samekh, let the Philosophus advance like the arrow from the Bow of Qesheth.  Now Qesheth the Bow is the Rainbow of Promise stretched above the earth, whose name is formed from the letters of the Paths leading from Malkuth.” 3:31. [The Tarot card Temperance / Samekh is pictured with a rainbow in the background.]


Path from Malkuth (Kingdom) to Yesod (Foundation).  The World card in the Tarot.  Hebrew letter = Tau.  Astrologically = Saturn.  Called ‘The Great One of the Night of Time.’ ‘When passing up the Path of Tau ‘there is a confusion of lights; one comes within the scope of the crossing, and reflected, and coloured, rays of the Qesheth, the Rainbow of colours spread over the earth, and here then we require instruction and guidance to avoid confusion and folly.’ FR#XI.


See Hodos Chamelionis.


A continual undulation, the winding hither and thither of the Serpent, unlike the Pathway to Hidden Knowledge which is the straight and narrow way between the Two Pillars. [See Moon Card.] 6:18.


Shows by Lamps that burn though with a veiled light, upon their summits, that show that the Pathway to Hidden Knowledge is the straight and narrow way between them. [See Hermit Card.] 6:18.


Mouth. p or F. 80. Path 27 (Netzach to Hod). Mars. The Tower.

Apply to Mars if you find yourself coerced into a sense of anger and violence when traveling in the Spirit Vision.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Peh in Whiteness. FR#XI.








Suggests freeing of Malkuth, also referred to as the Washing of the Garments of the Queen, the Inferior Mother.  6:85.


Gateway of Occult Science. 6:17.  On these are painted certain Hieroglyphics from the 17th and 125th Chapters of the Book of the Dead.  They are the symbols of the two powers of Day and Night, Love and Hate, Work and Rest, the subtle force of the Lodestone and the Eternal out-poruing and in-pouring of the Heart of God. 6:18.  When one passes between them, one comes to the Light, and forms the apex of the Triangle of Life. 6:19.  See also 3:6-14.

“The Two Pillars, right and left of the Tree are the symbols of Active and Passive, Male and Female, Adam and Eve. They also allude to the Pillars of Fire and Cloud which guided the Israelites in the wilderness. . . . The Pillars further represent the Two Kerubin of the Ark—the right, Metatron, Male—and the left, Sandalphon, Female.” [The Golden Dawn, Israel Regardie (Llewellyn, 1990), p. 162 (Vol.2, Bk2).

“At its [Mount Abiegnus’] base is the Wall of Enclosure and Secrecy, whose sole Gateway, invisible to the profane, is formed of the Two Pillars of Hermes.


leaning that way leads to corrupted vision thus seeing the Perfect Judge (of the Middle Pillar) as cruel when that Judge deems it necessary to extend his arm on the side of Severity. ‘Unbalanced Mercy is but weakness and would permit Evil to exist unchecked, thus making itself an accomplice of the Evil.’ FR#XXI


See Middle Pillar.


leaning that way leads to corrupted vision thus seeing the Perfect Judge (of the Millar Pillar) as feeble, when that Judge may have found it well to extend his arms on the side of Mercy. ‘Unbalanced Severity is cruelty and oppression.’ FR#XXI


The Seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Also called the ‘Lords Who Wander.’ FR#XI


See Table of Attributions FR#XXVI in King, p. 93.


An intermediate degree dividing the Outer Order from the Second Order, in which magic was practised.  After the Elemental grades, a period of seven months—the regimen of the Planets—had to elapse before aspiring to the Portal Grade. A further nine months usually went by—the analogy to gestation is apparent—before reception into the Second Order, the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis. <#88> p. 98.



See G.D. Companion, p. 79-82.






Of the Enochian Tablets.  The truncated cone will answer ot the Pyramid, with a cone of reception above openign therefrom to attract the Force which shall act through the top thereof.  The surface of the table will answer to the place of the Sphynx.  Ritual Beth.




See Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.


(see KAMEA):


Rainbow of Promise.  Veil separating the four lower Sephiroth from Tiphareth.  In the Portal Ceremony is said: “Therefore, by the straight and narrow path of Samekh, let the Philosophus advance like the arrow from the Bow of Qesheth.  Now Qesheth the Bow is the Rainbow of Promise stretched above the earth, whose name is formed from the letters of the Paths leading from Malkuth.” 3:31.  ‘When passing up the Path of Tau ‘there is a confusion of lights; one comes within the scope of the crossing, and reflected, and coloured, rays of the Qesheth, the Rainbow of colours spread over the earth, and here then we require instruction and guidance to avoid confusion and folly.’ FR#XI.


The evil and averse Sephiroth. Literally “shells.”  May be called the Wild Beasts of the Nation . . . who are only permitted to remain through Disorder. When banished to the land beyond Malkuth, will be ‘equilibrated therein and the Evil Persona (their synthesis) will become as a strong yet trained animal, whereupon the man rideth, this bringing added material strength unto the man,’ FR#XXI [See Strength, especially the Crowley-Harris version called ‘Lust’].  Also known as the Great Red Dragon of Seven Heads.  Was tread upon in the Vault of the Adepti, and so tread upon the evil powers of thy nature. 7:56.  Negative cosmic energies equating with the ten positive Sephiroth.


Back of Head. Q. 100. Path 29 (Netzach to Malkuth). Pisces. The Moon.


Equivalent to the Stone of the Philosophers, True Wisdom, Perfect Happiness, the Summum Bonum.  6:23.




R.R. et A.C.:

RA-HOOR-KHUIT (Ra-Hoor Khut,):

“The Third Deity of the Thelemic Trinity. The Crowned and Conquering Child of the union of Nuit and Hadit.)



“Was used as a symbol by the Alchemists to express the highest powers of the Adept.  The whiteness of purity having been attained, the heat must be violently increased, until the redness of perfect strength manifests itself.”  FR #II


of the Race of the Planet: ? FR#XXI


Head or Face. R. 200. Path 30 (Hod to Yesod). Sun. The Sun.

Apply to the Sun (Tarot Card that = the Hebrew letter Resh) if you find yourself coerced into a sense of haughtiness or vanity when traveling in the Spirit Vision.  Formulate the Hebrew letter Resh in Whiteness.


A method of clairvoyant divination utilizing a disc divided into 32 sections, corresponding to the ten sephiroth and the twenty-two ‘paths’ of the qabalistic Tree of Life.  The ring, which was the badge of a GD sub-grade known as Theoricus Adeptus Minor, was usually made of thin, strong pasteboard, normally about an inch wide.  It hollow middle extended to about a third ofthe diameter of the whole ring; the remainder was divided into two distinct circles.  The ring was lettered around the outer half in black on white: on one side  with the ‘magical motto’ of the adept who had made the ring, and on the other, with the words ‘Pereclinus De Faustis.’ Around the inner half of both sides the ring was divided into four segments coloured and inscribed in white in like manner: Top—yellow, Aleph; Left—blue, Hé ; Right—red,Yod; Bottom—black, final Hé .  <King, 1987 #2> p. 14. See Ritual Beth for the mode of employing ‘Ring and Disc’ [i.e. King, p. 15]


[from Yesod, via Samekh to Tiphereth?] A spiritual process after spiritual conceptions, and higher aims; by concentration and contemplation of the Divine, you formulate a Tree of Life passing from you to the spiritual realms above and beyond you.  Picture to yourself that you stand in Malkuth—then by the use of the Divine Names and aspirations you strive upward by the Path of Tau toward Yesod, neglecting the crossing rays which attract you as you pass up.  Look upwards to the Divine Light shining down from Kether upon you.  From Yesod leads up the Path of Temperance, Samekh, the arrow cleaving upward leads the way to Tiphereth, the Great central Sun of Sacred Power. Invoke the Great Angel HUA, and conceive of yourself as standing fastened to the Cross of Suffering, carefully vibrating the Holy Names allied to your position, and so may the mental Vision attain unto Higher Planes.’


Also called the Neophyte Ritual.  The beginning of certain of the Formulae of the Magic of Light.  For this Ritual betokeneth a certain Person, Substance or Thing, which is taken from the dark World of Matter, to be brought under the operation fo the Divine Formulae of the Magic of Light. 6:32.


Also Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram [See King, 1987 p. 38].



Affords mystic protection. Affirms the support of the knowledge and the virtues of the keys of Wisdom. FR#XXVIII.

“The rose was … applied to signify Christ; and a rose resting on a cross typified the Soter [Savior] on the Cross, or the secret of immortality.” Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, Mackenzie, p. 609.


Mind or Intellect. Made up of the five Sephiroth above Yesod (Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach and Hod). Ruach is a set of five intermeshing intellectual principles, ‘divided for love’s sake, on the chance of union’, concentrated upon their central core, the Sun of Tiphareth, the human consciousness and will, of which the other four Sephiroth are, after a certain fashion, extensions.  King, ‘87, p. 144.  Refers to Yetzirah, which is the World of Formation, therefore the formative principle operating in Ruach gives form to all ideas, and is that which weighs, balances and works in things.  Ruach can also have an evil side.  If the Ruach overpowers the Neschamah; if the Neschamah seeks the lower good, both will be ruined. FR#X. Spirit.  Breath.  Portion of Self between Nefesh and Neshamah which dissipates shortly after death.



Such have to bear the Karma of occasionally judging their fellow members. FR#XIX.




Mathers gives the following meanings: SALOM =peace, AREPO =he distills, LEMEL  =unto fullness, OPERA  =onto dry ground, MOLAS  =in quick motions. SATOR  =the creator, AREPO  =slow moving, TENET  =maintains, OPERA  =his creations, ROTAS  as vortices.


‘It is especially desirable that when our brethren meet, the ancient form of salutation should be preserved:—thus on meeting they should salute each other in the following manner ‘Ave Frater’.  The second shall answer ‘Roseae Rubeae’, whereupon the first shall conclude with ‘et Aureae Crucis.’  On formal occasions continue, ‘Benedictus Dominus Deus noster qui Dedit nobis signum’—(uncovering Cross or Seal).  When taking leave say ‘Vale’, adding ‘Sub umbra alarum tuarum, Jehovah! (Beneath the rays of ? be safe in JHVH?) FR#XVI.


Tent peg. S. 60. Path 25 (Tiphareth to Yesod). Sagittarius. Temperance/Art.


A Kerubim.  One of the guardians of Malkuth along with Metatron.  6:85.


Apply to Saturn for help when your memory entices you astray during Spirit Vision or Travel. Formulat the Hebrew letter Tau in Whiteness.  FR#XI.


1) Scale of the King, that of the G.D. and the Adept Minor.  Scarlet is Fire, Yellow is Air, Blue is Water, Four dull colours are Earth, and White is Spirit. 2) The Tattva scheme (nearly the same as the Scale of the Queen, which is applied also to the Sephirotic colours in the Minutum Mundum Diagram).  Red is Fire, greyish White is Water, Golden Yellow is Earth, Blue (greenish) is Air, Violet Black is Akasha or Spirit. FR#XI


Mitre-headed symbolizes the power of Religion, to guide and regulate life. 6:7.


Not just a Seer, but one who descries what he seeks, not only the impassive receiver of visions beyond control of definition. FR#XI.


Magical manner of operation: through his own arcane wisdom, he [the skyrer] knows the disposition and correspondences of the Forces of the Macrocosmos.  Selecting not many, but one symbol, and that balanced and with its correlatives, then sendeth he a thought-ray from his Spiritual Consciousness, illumined by his Higher Will, directly unto the part of his Sphere of Sensation which is consonant with the symbol employed.  There, as in a mirror, doth he perceive its properties as reflected from the Macrocosmos, shining forth into the Infinite Abyss of the Heavens. 3:44.



‘Know then O Aspirant, that the Order of the Rose and Cross hath existed from time immemorial and that its mystic rites were practised and its hidden knowledge communicated in the initiations of the various races of Antiquity, Egypt, Eleusis, Samothrace, Persia, Chaldea and India alike cherished these mysteries, and thus handed down to posterity the Secret Wisdom of the Ancient Ages. . .’  FR#XVI



The means by which we perceive; yet at the same time they necessarioy limit the extent of our perception.  All of our five sense are capable of enlargement and development.  It is however the sense of sight that we most commonly seek thus to develop… we are encouraged to practice Clairvoyance.  FR#XIX


the actual physical brain, which cannot perceive the images on the sphere of sensation. FR#XXV.


Stationed without the Portal of the Hall.  Armed with a sword, his duty is to keep out intruders, and to prepare the Candidate. 6:5.


“Book of Creation”, anon.- 3rd to 6th c. C.E.  Earliest Hebrew metaphysical text focusing on the letters of creation.


“Numerical emanations” –Mathers (Kabbalah Unveiled).


Each contains within it all the Sephiroth. 10 divine Containers, Lights, Powers, Emanations, or Attributes of God usually portrayed as energy-essences on the Tree of Life, constituting the revealed aspect of the Divine.  From “number” or sapphire(?).  First coined in the Sefer Yetzirah. “The Sephiroth are degrees or states attained and the Paths are modes of ascent thereto.” Waite, The Tarot and the Rosy Cross.


The Serpent of Brass that Moses made in the Wilderness, and which was turned around the central Pillar of Mildness,—having three cross bars upon it,—representing a species of triple cross.  It is the Altar Diagram in the 4=7 Grade.  FR#X.  [Is this the cross on the Hierophant card?]


The faculty of receiving Knowledge from spiritual sources. This is aided by purity of mind without the necessity for absolute asceticism. FR # XIX



God’s female aspect and immanent presence, also called Matrona, or Adonah; resides in the sphere of Sovereignty (Malkuth) on the Tree. Also said to be Binah, or Chochmah-when-in-relation-to-Kether. Means “to settle down and rest” or to dwell somewhere.  It was the “dwelling place” of the Divine.  The face of the Divine Presence.


Term for the seventy-two divine or angelic names taken from verses 19, 20, and 21 of Exodus 14. Since all three verses contain 72 letters, each name consists of three letters, one letter from each verse, to which they added the endings -al, -el, or -iah (meaning “of god”). Each of these 72 aspects of deity is assigned an angel who is the executor of its will, and each is assigned 5 degrees of the zodiacal year. Because each of the 36 small cards of the Tarot represents one decan, two angels of the Schemhamphorasch are resident in each small card.

SHEWBREAD (also “Table of the Shewbread”): The twelve  loaves which were placed upon a table in the sanctuary of the Temple, and  which were called the shewbread or bread of the presence, are represented  among the paraphernalia of a Lodge of Perfection in the Ancient and Accepted  Rite.  Bähr (Symbolik) says that the shewbread was a symbol of  the bread of life–of the eternal life by which we are brought into the presence of God and know him; an interpretation that is equally applicable to  Masonic symbolism. Signifies the 12 single letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the corresponding tarot cards.


Tooth. Sh. 300. Path 31 (Hod to Malkuth). Fire. Judgment/Aeon. Mother letter.

the letter of the Holy Spirit that makes of Jehovah the Name Jeheshua. FR#XXI  Unto the Great Holy Letter Shin are allotted Three classes of works: Spiritual development, transformations and invisibility. 6:32.


See Angels.


“Shining Stones are especially under the Light; and they are centres for the action thereof in the darkness of matter, as it is said: ‘My Light is concealed in all that shineth.’ (Zend-Avesta). They are therefore under the rule of the three active elements with an earthy base.” 3:45


An entity’s or working’s definition, generated as a focus and mnemonic. Sigil of the Square or Tablet = the Letter thereon.


See Aemeth.


Actions through which the grade of a member is known.  Neophyte has two: Sign of Horus and Sign of Harpocrates. 6:16


The Saluting Sign of the Neophyte Grade.  Thrusting both arms horizontally forward, palms downwards, as if groping your way and bow your head. = condition in a state of darkness, unillumined and searching for truth. 6:17


Sign of Silence.  Done in response to Saluting Sign.  Placing the left first finger on the mouth. = the strict silence inculcated by obligation.




That of Astral perception, or the power of perceiving forces and entities on the plane next ot the earth. FR # XIX



The Soul is divided by the Qabalists into three principle parts: Neschamah (which is further divided into three parts: Yechidah: Kether, Chiah: Chokmah, and Neschamah: Binah), Ruach: Chesed to Yesod, inclusive = mind and reasoning powers, and Nephesch: Malkuth = animal instincts. <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:75.


‘The Alchemists of old, when passing from the physical wrote in beautiful allegory:—The Heart of man is as the Sun, the reception organ for the Divine Ray of spiritual intuition descending unto Man. the brain of Man is as the Moon,—the source of human intellect. The Body of Man is the Earthy vehicle.  Let the sun impregnate the Moon, or let Spiritual Fire prompt the human intellect—and let the result fructify in the womb of a purified Body, and you will develop the Son of the Sun, the Quintessence, the Stone of the Wise, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.’  FR#XV


[also called ‘Akashic envelope’ or Aura.  ‘The frontier of the realm of the Kingdom of the Microcosm (the man); his boundary; and consisting of his Sephiroth.’ FR#XXI. ‘Everything in the Cosmos is somehow reflected or pictured on each man’s own sphere of sensation, it follows that if he could but be conscious of the pictures so reflected or imprinted he would at once be possessed of all actual or potential knowledge of everything in the Cosmos.  All that is reflected in our sphere of sensation includes all knowlege past, present and future.’  All knowledge lies within each man’s own sphere and can be obtained through intuition (looking within). Has corresponding regions of the Cosmos.  Reflects everything that is in the material Universe.  FR#XXV.

“Thou shalt know that the whole Sphere of Sensation which surroundeth the whole physical body of a man is called “The Magical Mirror of the Universe.” For therein are represented all the occult forces of the Universe projected as on a sphere, convex to the outer, but concave to man.  This sphere surroundeth the physical body of a man as the Celestial Heavens do the body of a Star or a Planet, having their forces mirrored in its atmosphere.  Therefore its allotment or organization is the copy of that Greater World or Macrocosm  In this “Magical Mirror of the Universe” therefore, are the Ten Sephiroth projected in the form of the Tree of Life as in a solid sphere.  A man’s physical body is within the Ten Sephiroth projected in a sphere. ” <Regardie, 1984 #13>p.3:36.


(Enochian):  Associated with Enochian pyramids:  a composite form built up in accordance with the attributions of the four sides of the pyramid. <#2> p. 261.

On Wheel of Fortune = Oedipus.


The language wherein a clairvoyant communication is received need not necessarily be that in which the Force involved would speak, supposing it to be endowed with the human organs of speech, but the impression received by the Operator is translated according to the understanding of the Operator. Ritual Beth.



Daath.  Transmits energies from the Divine Consciousness (Yechidah, or Kether) into the lower sephiroth. Selecting not many, but one symbol, and that balanced and with its correlatives, then sendeth he a thought-ray from his Spiritual Consciousness, illumined by his Higher Will, directly unto the part of his Sphere of Sensation which is consonant withh the symbol employed. 3:44.


That you perform or endeavour to perform the transmutation of the vital forces of life into higher currents of life or rather their transmutation out of the lower into the higher so that you can use them for the purposes of Theurgia.  To use every effort to purify and exalt the Spiritual Nature so that you may be able to unify yourselves with what the Hermetist calls his “Higher Genius.” FR # XIX


‘Results from the transmutation of gross animal nature.’ FR#II


‘A wand to guide you and protect you in the ascent of the Mountain, about which the twin Serpents of Egypt twine: above the wings of Binah and Chokmah—shrouding the sacred Diamond lying on the Crown of Kether—the Supernal. Sub umbra alarum tuarum; beneath the rays of spiritual Understanding emanating from Divine Wisdom, you may indeed be safe, trusting to the protection and aid of the High and Holy Powers summed up in the great Name JHVH. FR#XVI.


“That is, the will which had become self-creative and was united eternally to its celestial, progressive, penetrative faculty.  The consecrated will and purified Thought of the true Magus.” <Farr, 1982 #15>p. 8.


Stationed in the North to symbolize cold and moisture.  Duty is to see that the robes, collars and insignia of the Officers are ready before the opening of the Temple.  Attends to the cup of lustral water and assists in the purification and consecration by water, of the Hall, of the Members, and of the Candidate.  6:5.




= Severity and Judgement.  6:7.  See Magic Sword.



‘The physical means used to produce the sensitiveness necessary to consciously perceive the images on the Sphere of Sensation.  Ideas and visions are thus produced in the brain.  Knowledge of the attributions and meanings of the symbol produces an immediate concentration of thought of vital energy, or nerve force, and of actual physical blood on the tract of brain related thereto.’  FR#XXV.


‘It is well to commence by means of a Symbol, such as a drawing, or coloured diagram, related in design, form and colour to the subject chosen for study.  The simple and compound Tattva emblems are suitable for this process. The Symbol should be of convenient size, for the eye to take it in at a glance, and large enough not to require too close an application of sight to realise the details. To use the Symbol place it before you, as on a table, place the hands beside it, or hold it up with both hands, then, with the utmost concentration, gaze at it, comprehend it, formulate its meaning and relations.  When the mind is steady upon it: close the eyes and continue the meditation, and let the conception still remain before you, keep up the design, form, and colour in the akashic aura, as clearly as they appeared in material form to the outward seeing.  Transfer the Vital effort from the optic nerve to the mental perception, or thought seeing as distinct from seeing with the eye; let one form of apprehension glide on with the other—produce the reality of the dream vision, by positive will in the waking state.’ [Important see the Flying Roll for further instruction before attempting.]  In using Symbols it is necessary to avoid Self hypnotisation, for this occurrence would dispose you to mediumship. ‘If you enter upon the Spirit Vision without a Symbol you proceed by a mental symbol, imagined in the Astral Light: this is not a wise proceeding for learners because it opens the door to other Astral effects; you create a vortex, into which other atral influences are drawn and hence confusion and mischief may result. In using symbols, placed before you—it is a useful addition to provide a large circular (or square) tablet, around which are placed Divine Names etc. related to the Elements, and to the cardinal points; then after arranging this duly, with respect to the compass, place your symbol upon and within this frame. It is well to make all symbols for clairvoyant use yourself, or banish the influence of him who made them.  FR#XI.



See ‘Tripod’.





The spirit of Mercury or Thoth, whose gematriatic number is 2080, from ThPThRThRTh, which is the sum of all the numbers (1 to 64) on the magic square of Mercury.



[Give definition, and kinds: Tejas = Fire, Apas = Water, Vayu = Air, Prithivi = Earth, Akasha = Quintessence/Spirit.]


The cards should be of convenient size and as uniform as possible, in a square or tall rectangle.  the Sub-Tattva should occupy about one fifth of the area of the main Tattva (one quarter is rather too large).  Dirty cards are apt, without the intention of the maker, to attract evil and delusive Elemental Influences from the fact that their formulae necessarily imply hidden iniquity. FR#XXX. The background may be of the complementary color to the main tattva, creating a reversal of colors when, after concentrated gazing, the eyes are called. This is called a “flashing” color.


The Skryer should use the proper Names, Implements etc. and follow the general directions for Clairvoyant Visioning?.  Describe carefully and in detail the landscape etc. of the vision, and discover, if possible:— 1) The special attributes and varying natures of the Plane.  2) Its elemental Nature.  3) The Inhabitants (Elemental, Spiritual etc.) 4) The Plants, Animals, Minerals etc. which would be correspondent to the Nature of the Plane. 5) The Operation of its Influence in the Universe or Macrocosm upon (a) this particular Planet (b) animals, plants and minerals. 6) The Operation of its Influence upon the Microcosm, i.e. Man.  He or she who is operating should avoid carefully any self-hypnotisation by the Tattva, for this will simply lead to foolish and hysteric visions, the offspring of the intoxication of the Operator’s astral sphere by the Tattva.  FR#XXX


Mark or Cross. Th. 400. Path 31 (Yesod to Malkuth). Saturn. The World/Universe.


Fire Tattva.




Sacred four lettered name of God. Yod He Vau He.



Used to write the name upon the girdle described in the Flying Roll which explains the Yetziratic formation of an image of Adonai ha-Aretz.  This alphabet is found in Cornelius Agrippa’s Works and in Barrett’s Magus, and in Mathers’ edition of The Key of Solomon. FR# XXXII.


“One of several words in Greek which mean “will.” The word first received attention in 1535, when the French satirist Francois Rabelais wrote of the Abbey of Thelema in his colossal work, Gargantua and Pantagruel. Engraved above the entrance to the Abbey was the Abbey’s motto, Fay çe que vouldras, “Do what thou wilt.” In that work, it was the watchword of individual freedom. The word appears in chapter 1, Verse 39 of The Book of the Law, where Nuit tells the Scribe, “The word of the Law is Thelema. Among other things, Thelema has come to be known as the philosophy of life that presumes that each individual, like each star in the heavens, is possessed with a unique orbit and function in the universe. This, for lack of a better word, is our will. If each person properly understands and executes this will, his or her life will be in harmony with the forces and energies of the entire universe and we will fulfill our full potential as cosmic citizens.” DuQuette, Understanding Alesiter Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, p. 307.



The science of communion with planetary Spirits, the powers composing the Hierarchies of Being and ‘Gods of Light.’ FR#XXVI.


Divine or supernatural intervention in the affairs of man. Am. Heritage Dic. Greek neoplatonic philosophy of A.D.5 which practiced psychic skills and mediumship to attain spiritual growth; brought guidance and counseling for their country.  They used voice trance, automatic writing, amulets and astral projection to obtain knowledge of the etheric world. <Bletzer, 1986 #195> p. 626 “The Magic of Light . . . the practical part of spiritual alchemy . . .the Egyptian Theurgists, who said that the Gods were Spiritual essences, and were partaken of as light, leaving the light unaffected, while the partaker was filled . . . nowhere in the truly sacred mysteries—at any rate in the West—was any teaching given involving any sex-practices, such as the introversion of sexual forces, endeavouring to draw these up the spine and into the brain.” Garstin in <Colquhoun, 1975 #49> p. 285. “Communication with one’s hOly Guardian Angel or higher self.” Nevill Drury.


The parts of us that are incarnated into these material bodies and are acting therefore under the consequent disadvantages.  It is because the mind is immersed in matter that is powers are so limited, and we can readily understand that a mind freed from constraints of the body would enjoy vastly enlarged powers.  FR#XIX



The genius of equilibrium, who “must introduce the question to be investigated, for unless this be done by perfect equilibrium no good result can be attained.” “Preparation for Divination” by G.H. Frater Sub Spe. Ma’at in the Zelator Ritual. Also, the Sphynx on the Wheel of Fortune card.


“Thought” is a mighty force when projected with all the strength of the lower Will under the guidance of the reasoning faculty and illuminated by the Higher Will. 3:43.  To obtain magical Power, learn to control thought. Admit only true ideas which are in harmony with the end desired.  Fixed thought is a means to an end; therefore pay attention to the power of silent thought and meditation.  The material act is but the outward expression of the thought.  Thought therefore is the commencement of action, and if a chance thought can produce much effect, what cannot fixed thought do?  3:20.


Truth. The Great Thoth is the highest aspect of the Hermes of the most ancient Egyptian Mysteries, and corresponds almost ot the Great Angel Metatron.  It is the Archangel of Kether in the Briatic World.  6:85. (It is not the Roman Mercury-who is more cunning but not as knowledgeable).  Has two aspects:  the higher is Absolute, the lower is suitable to human comprehension. See also Thaphtharthatath.





Seated between the Columns in the Neophyte Ritual is the Place of Balanced Power, between the ultimate Light and the Ultimate Darkness. 6:19.  Represents Tiphereth on the Tree of Life.?


Spiritual “correction”.  “To mend, repair, and transform the world–every human act aids or impedes this process.”


The King’s abode where is placed his throne, the seat of the Human Will (in the Microcosm).  Site of (inhabited by) the nobels, petty rulers, and professions and trades governed by the Sun. FR#XXI.  Seat of the Princes in the Tarot as signified by Vau of the Tetragrammaton.  Symbol of the Creation.  FR#X. “Beauty,” the sixth sefirah, also known as the “reflecting mirror.”  This sefirah is linked to Jacob, and stands at the middle of te central column of the tree.


Greek for “the Great Beast,” The motto Crowley took upon achieving the grade of Magus, 9•=2• on October 12, 1915.


Confusion, chaos.  Often found as “tohu-bohu”.


See Grip.


See Vault of the Adepti.


“Trance may arise from the action of obsession, or from the action of the Higher Will, therefore its aspects are varied.” 3:47.


See Astral Projection.


See Cone of Reception.



= the Image of that Immortal Light, that Triune Light, which moved in Darkness and formed the World of Darkness and out of Darkness [Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur].  There are two contending Forces and One always uniting them.  And these Three have their Image in the three-fold Flame of our Being and in the threefold wave of the sensual world. 6:18.


Magical Consultation with a table with three feet.  The model thereof is the circular Altar of the Vault of Christian Rosenkreutz, and is to be specially painted, and/or appropriate and Telesma may be placed on the top of the table.  The Operator places his hands on the top of the table, whereupon after a time the Tripod will begin to tilt or knock, which ariseth from a more sudden transmission of astral force from the Cone of Reception to the table.  The movements should be the combined product of the Operator and the communicating Force, always supposing that the Operator be not obsessed by the Force invoked, nor voluntarily self-deceiving.  For reception of communication by the Tripod some convenient preconceived plan of correspondeces between the tilts of the table and the letters of the alphabet or simple words should be employed.  Ritual Beth.


To tell the higher form of a truth to one who cannot understand it is to lie to him because, though correctly formulated, it will not be correctly received.  6:85.


Enlightened saint or “righteous One.”


Fish Hook. Tz or Z. 90. Path 28 (Netzach to Yesod). Aries. The Emperor.




URIEL (or Auriel):



Nail. V, W, U, O. 6. Path 16 (Chokmah to Chesed). Taurus. The Hierophant.

Unto the Letter Vau belong Divination in all its branches; and the art of making the Link between the subject of the work and the process of divination. 6:32.


Represents the symbolic burying place of our founder C.R.C..  It is also the mystic Cavern in the sacred Mountain of Initiation—Abiegnus.  Therefore it is the Chamber of initiation wherein, after passing through the preliminary training of the Outer, we are received into the Portal of the Rose of Ruby and the Cross of Gold. 8:28.  The Tomb or Vault is a small seven sided chamber with a black floor, a white ceiling.  The Pastos lies with its head to the East; over it is the Circular Altar…. Each Wall of the Tomb is said mystically to be 5 feet in breadth, 8 feet in height, thus yielding 40 squares, of which 10 are marked and salient representing the Ten Sephiroth in the form of the Tree of Life, acting through the planets. 8:32.  Hodos Chamelionis is absolutely indispensable when considering the colouring of the Vault. I.R. 8:32.



Veil of the Temple in the Portal Ritual.


Intoning a Divine Name or —.




‘All powerful Occult work exhausts the Vital force, especially from beginners, and you will feel at first distinct exhaustion from loss of akasha, which however is not lost but transferred to the symbol and there preserved, fading away from thence, only slowly into the ocean of energies.’ FR#XI


The universal solvent of alchemy created by the proper combination and balancing of the alchemical elements of mercury, salt, and sulfur. Its letters are the initials of the alchemical motto: “Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone.” It appears on the THOTH deck on the Art card.



Directing Power.  6:5. Magical weapon representing the magician’s will; Chiah, and the Qabalistic World of Atziluth.


The Beam of Light from the hidden Wisdom. 6:19.


Suggests freeing of Malkuth.  Also referred to as Piercing of the Dragons’s Coils.  6:85.






“A strong and decided will,” says Eliphas Levi, “can in a short space of time arrive at absolute independence.” FR#II.  The Will which is necessary [to Magic] is the undivided Will and its cultivation must be continued at all times.  Never will more than one thing at a time, nor allow it to be mixed up with Desire.  A fixed concentration of mnd must be encouraged if you want to have success.  FR#XIX.  ‘Will unaided [by Imagination] can send forth a current, yet its effect is vague and indefinite.   The Qabalah taught that man, by his creative power through Will and Thought (Imagination)—was more Divine than Angels; for he can create—they cannot.  FR #V  ‘It is through the agency of the will that the hidden becomes manifest, whether in the Universe or Man. . . . .  The method I advise for cultivation of will is, to imagine your head as centre of attraction with thought like rays radiating out in a vast globe.  To want or desire a thing is the first step in the exercise of Will; get a distinct image of the thing you desire placed, as it were, in your heart, concentrate all your wandering rays of thought upon this image until you feel it to be one glowing scarlet ball of compacted force. Then project this concentrated force on the subject you wish to affect.” Desire weakens will.  Masterly indifference is the great theme in teaching us.  “Mars, Geburah, Fire, Aries, each expresive of the will force on different planes, are all red in colour.” FF. FR #II.     Mathers suggests that: ‘Before bringing the scarlet ray into such intense action in the Heart, that the Adept should elevate his thought and idea to the contemplation of the Divine Light in Kether, and considering Kether as the crown of the head, to endeavour to bring a ray from thence, into his heart—his Tiphereth through his path of gimel and then to send the scarlet ray into action; the effect will be powerful and the process safer: otherwise there is a risk to the heart, and a risk of fever, if it be frequently done.” FR #VI


Emblem of Purity.


A term for four planes of existence depicted on the Tree of Life from the divine to the material: Atziluth (Emanation), Briah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation), and Assiah (Matter/Action).



? Florence Farr invoked Yachad on August 7, 1901 (See Bob Gilbert, private collection, the journals of Florence Farr).



Allotted to Kether in Assiah in the Microcosm.  Part of the ‘Higher Genius’ with Chiah though not the highest self.  FR#X.  “This Yechidah is at the same time the Higher Human Self and the Lower Genius, the God of the Man, the Atziluth of his Assiah, even as Chiah and Neschamah  form his Briah, and Ruach his Yetzirah.  This is the Higher Will and the Divine Consciousness, as Daath is the Spiritual Consciousness, Tiphareth the Human Consciousnes, and Yesod the Automatic Consciousness.” <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:42.  “It is the Divine Consciousness because it is the only part of man which can touch the All  potent forces.  Behind Yechidah are Angelic and Archangelic Forces of which Yechidah is the manifestor.  It is therefore the Lower Genius or Viceroy of the Higher Genius which is beyond, an Angel Mighty and Terrible.”  <Regardie, 1984 #13>p. 3:42.  Through the Kether of his Assiah (or Yechidah) one may be admitted to his plane of Yetzirah, his Angelic SElf.


YHVH with an Shin at the center, indicating the son who comes as savior.


5=6 rank insignia.


Seat of the Automatic Consciousness (hardly a conscious being); represented by the machinery, works and tools of the nation (of the King/Self) in the Microcosm. FR#XXI. “Foundation,” the ninth sefirah.  Found on the middle pillar above Malcuth.


Third of the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life. World of Formation. That of the Angelic Consciousness.

The work of Yetzirah is “the remaking of manifested man, male and female, in the likeness of Elohim, the restoration of man in the perfect terms of the archetype [symbolized by the World card]. p. 37  (Kuntz) Waite, “The Tarot and the Rosy Cross.”



To the Letter Yod and the element of Fire belog the works of Ceremonial Magic, as the evocations of the Spirits of the Elements, etc. 6:32


See Great Name or Tetragrammaton.


Lord of Yourself, the seat of the Spiritual Consciousness. FR#XXI


the seat of the Human Consciousness and the Lower or Human Will. FR#XXI.  Center of one’s Ruach.


the seat of the Divine Consciousness. FR#XXI


the seat of the Automatic Consciousness. FR#XXI



Sword. Z. 7. Path 17 (Binah to Tiphareth). Gemini. The Lovers.


A book by Bulwer Lytton with many valuable hints on Occult study. FR#XXI.  Mathers identified so strong with Zanoni that his wife called him Zan.




Principle of Divine contraction before universe comes into being.



“Book of Splendor,” a thirteenth-century book, central to Kabbalism from medieval times.  Said to be writted by Simon bar Yochai of the 2nd c. C.E., today attributed to Moses de Leon of Spain.