You can find a computer-generated version of my “Hidden Influences Spread” from The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals at the website of Try out the spread here.

This is a complex spread involving approximately a third of the deck, but this site can help you make your way through it. The best part is that you can click on the “Hide or Reveal individual cards” link (at both the top and bottom of the interpretation page) to show only the upright or only the reversed cards (see suggestions below). Another clickable item called “Interpreting Your Cards” offers more suggestions.

Here are some keys to using the Hidden Influences Spread:

The cards that surround your significator (up/down/left/right) are those which most strongly affect you right now. Hide the other cards and reveal just these to get the most potent and direct interpretation. Add another layer with the cards in the diagonal corners.

• If your significator is upright it suggests you are active in the situation. Reveal only the upright cards to see the actions you take and the choices you make. Second, reveal only the reversed cards to see where there could be challenges, obstacles or breakthroughs.

• If your significator is reversed you are going to be more conscious of the story told by the reversed cards. Try reading this spread as a shamanic or mythic journey. The focus is on your inner resources or spiritual life. Reveal only the reversed cards to see how you are experiencing the situation and what inner resources are at play. Don’t use the reversed card meanings shown in the program, rather, use upright meanings. Then, reveal only the upright cards to indicate those outer events that happen to you.

Summary: Look at all the upright cards as one story—about outer world events. And, look separately at all the reversed cards as the inner story of what’s going on under the surface. Remember that the reversed cards have their normal reversed meanings only if the significator is upright. If the significator is reversed then read the reversals as upright but with an emphasis on one’s inner awareness, abilities and truth rather than the outer events (upright cards) that tend to be out of your hands. (Note: when you create change at the inner level the outer will automatically change, too.)

More of the complexities in this spread are mentioned in a supplemental page here.

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