Have you ever wondered about the real tarot history? There appears to be no doubt that it began in Northern Italy, probably between 1420 and 1440. Italy is also the home of a major resurgence in tarot art. Join artist and writer Robert Place, creator of the Alchemical Tarot and the upcoming Vampire Tarot, and Ernesto Frazioli, curator of the Museo dei Tarocchi in Bologna and an expert on Italian history and art, on a Tarot Tour of Northern Italy this October 12—25, 2008. Go to cities in Northern Italy where the tarot began, visit historic and artistic sites, discover inspirations and parallels for the tarot trumps in the mystical symbols of the artworks of the 15th century.

I went on a Tarot Tour to Italy in 2000 with the late Brian Williams (the Renaissance Tarot deck and many more) – read about it here. It was a never-to-be forgotten experience that changed forever my understanding of tarot origins. In the process of directly encountering the imagery of 15th century Italy, you will come to truly appreciate how and why this deck of cards emerged as it did in a way that books can never portray. Plus, Italy is luscious and has just about the best food in the whole world! You can read more about Tarot in Italy and the Museo dei Tarocchi at Fern Mercier’s website – here.