“For in truth, this story begins not with bones in a Parisian graveyard but with a deck of cards.

“The Devil’s Picture Book.”

—from Sepulchre, p. 5.

Kate Moss, author of Labyrinth, has written a new novel called Sepulchre about the lives of two women who are linked through a tarot deck. Here Kate Moss discusses her use of tarot in the novel. You’ll find other video discussions of the work at youtube. You can see the eight tarot cards created for the deck here and an explanation of how the characters relate to the cards here.

Added: I finally finished Sepulchre and don’t even feel like writing a review of it. The core idea of an original deck linking two women across time was interesting and the evocation of 19th century France was okay, but ultimately none of the characters was particularly likeable and the ending was meaningless. Moss really needed someone to ask her, while she was still writing, what the point of the story was, as ultimately it led nowhere.