In my talk at the Los Angeles Tarot Symposium (LATS) this past weekend, I asked participants to draw three cards that would predict something specific that would happen to them within the next week. They were to get suggestions regarding what this might be from other tarot readers at the symposium and write these down. Then I asked that they watch what actually happens and what most relates to these three cards over the next two or more weeks (timing is not one of tarot’s best features), and report back here in the comments section of this post.

I invite anyone else who wants to “play” to comment here. Please state:

  1. what three cards you drew,
  2. the specific prediction made for the following week,
  3. and then tell us how these three cards most relate to what actually happens.

Feel free to come back later and add anything else to the comments section that seems relevant down the road.

Thanks to Barbara Rapp-Geerling and The Crystal Cave in Costa Mesa CA for making this event possible.

Here’s a photo showing one of the moments missed if you didn’t attend this year’s LATS (please come next year). A great time was had by all with many talks on the theme of happiness. From the left: James Ricklef (see his self-published deck Tarot of the Masters), Thalassa, and Sandra Thomson (read an interview with her) click on their names to find out more about what they’ve contributed to tarot.