I know that tarot web oldtimers will be thrilled to hear that Diane Wilkes’ website, Tarot Passages, has been resurrected by Diane, with new deck and book reviews, links and a monthly spread. Those who haven’t been there before—do yourself a treat and check out all the great resources.

The site was originally started in the mid-1990s by Michele Jackson as Michele’s Tarot Page and then expanded when Diane Wilkes took over and it became Tarot Passages. For many years it was “the source” for what was happening in tarot—on the web, in publishing and through conferences. Diane also created the concept for The Jane Austen Tarot (Lo Scarabeo) and wrote the book – a real tour-de-force of Austen research, involving all the favorite books and characters.

Welcome back, Diane! We’ve missed you.