Here’s an interview with Cyndi Lauper on her experience playing a tarot reader on the TV show Bones (Season 5, Episode 1) and on her own method of reading the cards. The role was well-written and tarot was treated respectfully (if with humor and despite the ubiquitous Death card scene). I love it that the first card drawn was Temperance – the first name of the main character, Temperance Brennan. It’s just the kind of “amazing coincidence” that I find happens so frequently in readings.

The opening tarot reading scene is especially good because it takes place in liminal (between the worlds) time—the eerie music, the park framed by trees as if peering into a magical space, and the fact that Temperance Brennan is just off the train, sleep-deprived, having been away on an extended trip and not yet re-connected with her ordinary world. The reading then recounts the events of the previous season’s finale and leads us into the new season. It’s a touch of magic carried over from the carnival episode and the dream-world that Bones and Booth also inhabit. [The video clip of this scene has been removed from youtube as it breached copyright.]