Come one, come all

11-13 June, 2010

The Omega Institute Tarot Conference: TAROT & INTUITION

in Rhinebeck NY.

We are delighted to announce the first Omega Tarot Conference featuring Juliet Sharman-Burke, Lon Milo DuQuette, Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone, Mary K. Greer, and Rachel Pollack. Join us at this beautiful retreat in upstate New York for an incredible learning experience with some of the most exciting teachers in the field.

Intuition communicates primarily through symbols. Tarot is the Western World’s greatest symbol system for helping us find meaning in life events and for exploring future possibilities. In a Tarot reading we consider a person’s questions and then lay out the cards.  Along with the cards’ meanings it is really our intuition that allows us to see the patterns and messages that emerge from the questions and the images.

The Omega Institute is honored to bring you five world-renowned Tarot teachers and authors, from New York, California, and England.  Each an innovator and a scholar, they are also masters of the intuitive. Their hands-on workshops will help you discover your own ability to read the cards. While everyone is intuitive the conference faculty will give you specific tools to access your own intuition, refine it and trust it. Together we will experience the psychic, psychological, magical, symbolic and interactive aspects of today’s intuitive Tarot practices, making you a more well-rounded reader for yourself or others.

This conference is for all levels. Bring your favorite deck(s). Information available here.

Then stay for the five day Tarot Magic workshop with Rachel and Mary:

13-18 June, 2010 — TAROT MAGIC: Using the Power of Symbols and Images

at The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY, with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack.

Stay after the conference or come separately to the famous five-day course with Rachel and Mary, which this year features a very special topic.

Through the Tarot we view what changes may happen in our lives.  But we can use Tarot to create change as well as describe it.  This is the magic of Tarot.  The great poet, W. B. Yeats–a dedicated magician–called magic “Truth evoked through symbols.”  In this workshop we will explore the Tarot’s symbolic truths–the meanings of the cards–and then discover how we can use those truths as keys to transformation.  Like the Tarot card The Magician, we will access the powers of the Trumps and four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.  And, lest we take ourselves too seriously, we will do this in the Fool’s spirit of adventure and play.

Join Rachel and Mary for five days of magical discovery.  Go beyond what is in the books to access your own power and develop your Tarot reading skills. Take the limits off your idea of Tarot and through the Tarot take the limits off your beliefs about creating change.

Suitable for all levels of experience.  Bring your Tarot deck(s). Information available here.