We have tarot author and deck creator Corinne Kenner to thank for the first book edition of an illustrated story by Pamela Corinne Colman Smith called Susan and the Mermaid. It appeared in the Christmas 1912 edition of a U.S. fashion magazine, The Delineator, published by Butterick Publishing company (of sewing pattern fame) and has been redesigned as a children’s book. Corrine describes it as “the rediscovered tale of a magic ring, an underwater kingdom, and a wise old woman who knew how to make her granddaughter’s dreams come true.” It also contains one of the most lovely biographies of Smith that I’ve  read. If you are a PCS fan, this small book is a “must have.” There’s more information at Shuffle: Corrine Kenner’s Tarot Blog. Order your copy here.

Here’s Corinne’s video preview. Enjoy.