Webinar: Mary K. Greer on “An Analysis of the Role of Cartomancers through Western Art” Part 2. This Thursday!! It’s okay if you missed Part 1 (or purchase the video recording).

Marie Aimme Eliane Lucas-Robiquet, Young Woman Drawing Cards - 1890

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from the website:

“Bravo!”, “Thanks so much for organising this”, “Wonderful stuff – great to have the images”. These are just a few of the enthusiastic responses to the first of the two sessions from internationally-renowned Tarot author and teacher, Mary K. Greer. In these webinars, Mary takes us on an exploratory journey into the role of card readers over the centuries. Purchase access to the recording of the first session NOW and register to join the live audience for the second session on Thursday 7 April at 6pm US Pacific time. Only a few places left, so be quick!

Little is known about cartomancers before the 20th century: who were they, who were their clients, where did they practice, what decks were used? Written information is scarce beyond basic instruction books and accounts of Mlle. Lenormand, who was famous for doing predictive card readings for Napoleon and Josephine in the 19th century.

An historical record does exist in genre art that depicts ordinary people going about their everyday work and recreations. In this slide presentation and talk, Mary analyses the visual content of paintings, prints and postcards showing cartomancers from the 16th through early 20th century. She brings to light both the professional and recreational characteristics of those people who practised cartomancy and reveals their largely unseen and under-acknowledged role in everyday Western society.

It’s an empowering experience for card readers to see themselves as part of a long-lived profession that ultimately goes back to the oracles and diviners of ancient times.

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