Here’s a few more tarot bags that I’ve knitted while watching TV this winter. The first picture is of a purplish drawstring bag made from two wool sock yarns mixed. My favorite yarn so far for my tarot cases is the 100% cotton Lily “Sugar ‘n Cream” 4-ply worsted (see the last two pictures – a flecked off-white and striped brown). This brand offers tons of colors and a whole set of “Naturals.” I use size US3 needles instead of the recommended US7 in order to get a tight knit which gives firmness to the bag and makes it feel more like a case. If you have a knitted tarot bag you like, send me a link to your pictures and/or knitting instructions and I’ll post them here.

Update: Check out Amber’s knitted tarot bags here and her limited edition Knitting Tarot deck and book here. Get instructions for knitting my Tarot case here.