I’ve found those see-through organza bags to be perfect for displaying decks that come in huge boxes. I put the box in storage and the deck in my bookcase where I can identify it easily without having to take it out of its bag. Corrine Kenner has a link to a site with great prices on packages of 30 single color bags – or get together with a couple of friends and buy several colors to mix-and-match. While at Corrine’s blog, check out the latest on her upcoming book Tarot for Writers, which is sure to be a hit.

Bright Idea: I bought “Smokey Blue” organza bags. I’ll bring them to LATS and BATS to trade colors with those who bought other colors. I’ll also have my knitted tarot cases for sale.

Added: I’ve been told these bags are available very inexpensively at Dollar & gift stores. My local stores don’t sell the right size, but I’ve been told others do. Anyway—I have a shelf full of Llewellyn books and decks and found it was the best way to keep the decks so I could find them easily.