What does it say that I’ve lived in five of the top 12 “Best Cities for Singles” (according to Forbes Magazine), and I have visited another five (of the top 11) in the past seven years (all tarot related trips) yet haven’t dated since my divorce?

I was struck by the oddity of this coincidence (since among the other 28 cities I’ve only lived in one and visited three). [I admit D.C. was a bit of a cheat since we lived in Falls Church though we were there because my father worked in D.C.]

I drew three cards (no spread positions) to answer my question and got (in the order I drew them):

The King of Wands, Five of Pentacles and King of Swords.

I suppose the cities could be pure coincidence, but it doesn’t feel like it, and the spread seems very odd—like something I don’t really want to know. Since, there are times when we all need someone else’s opinion I’d like to ask for help in understanding this. Please comment. Feel free to be wild with your thoughts—don’t hold back. I should mention—I lived in three of these cities as an army brat (King of Swords?). I’ve always loved the travel and no hardship was involved, so it’s hard to see the Five of Pentacles as referring to anything external.

I see this as an example of how the silliest of seeming coincidences can be a catalyst that takes us deep into the hidden realms of ourselves if we bother to look. The question at the top was what popped into my head spontaneously as I looked at the list. I decided to take the question seriously and see what came up.

ADDED: The comments have taken me on an incredible journey of insight that has reached so many levels. However, the most immediately significant thing for me is that my father (identified above as possibly the King of Swords) died on Thursday (9/11-Patriot Day) at a military nursing home. He had worn an electronic buzzer (see bell around cripple’s neck) that would go off whenever he tried to get out of his wheel chair. This seems like a foreshadowing similar to that mentioned in my post on Prediction or Insight. After all, my inquiry arose in the first place because I couldn’t understand why that silly list wouldn’t let me go. I phrased the question in the only way that made sense to me at that time. [BTW, I originally posted this on 9/9 (my time zone was incorrect).]