Update: As of October 2010, a court in East Ridge, Tennessee, ruled that a woman was exercising her free speech in fortune-telling for the public – read it here.

At the same time as the ACLU wins freedom-of-speech rights for fortune tellers in Maryland, Michigan is cracking down on their fortune tellers. Even Time Magazine is reporting on this news.

Elizabeth Dias at Time Magazine begins her article with: “Starting this week, fortune tellers in Warren, Mich., must be fingerprinted and pay an annual fee of $150 – plus $10 for a police background check – to practice their craft. The new rules are among America’s strictest on palmists, fortune readers and other psychics, part of a growing push to regulate a business that has never been taken, or overseen, very seriously.” Read the whole article here.

What’s your opinion about regulation of any kind? Is it necessary? How should it be done? Please comment.

Here’s one way around such discriminatory practices as reported a year ago in St. Petersburg FL.