People regularly write me about where to take a class, so I want to remind everyone of exciting events taking place over the next couple of months. Going to a conference or workshop can be a turning point. As well as gaining new ideas and skills, some have made major life changes as a result of insights from readings and exercises, and many people become life-long friends. Since some people come back year after year, it’s a chance to reconnect and share your journey. More details are available on the EVENTS page.

Start off at the end of July with the Omega Tarot Conference, “Tarot: Fate & Free Will” (see the interviews with presenters on this blog).

Immediately following, at the beginning of August, Rachel Pollack and I will be teaching our annual five-day Workshop at Omega. This year the topic picked by Omega is The Art of Becoming a Great Tarot Reader. As always, this is the workshop for those who want to go deeply into the tarot reading process and push through to the next level. It’s all about opening to your true potential. You get lots of time to ask questions and just hang out. We combine accessing your intuition with learning secrets about the cards themselves.

August ends with the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) at the Golden Gateway Holiday Inn (just around the corner from Fields Bookstore!). This year there will be two days of fabulous talks, great vendors, readings and lots of fun! Ed Buryn is bringing copies of his new edition of the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination and I will be premiering my new book, Who Are You in the Tarot?.

At the end of September, the Association for Tarot Studies is having its TAROT CONVENTION “History & the Esoteric” at a castle in St. Suzanne, France, which is sure to be one of the most exciting tarot events of the year. While greatly saddened by the untimely death of deck creator and co-organizer, Jean-Claude Flornoy, the event will honor his memory and celebrate his tremendous achievements in resurrecting many of the earliest Marseilles-style decks. Many of the participants will be going on to Italy for the Tarot Tour (sorry, all booked up).

If you can’t travel, it’s no real problem. Take a look at the offerings at Global Spiritual Studies who are hosting a whole series of Courses and Webinars on Tarot and related subjects. I highly recommend Evelynne Joffe’s practical approach to the Kabbalah with “Living the Tree of Life” as well as webinars by both me and Rachel Pollack and many others.