New York artist, Francesco Clemente, has created a set of 78 mixed media Tarot images featuring drawings of well-known people who are among his personal friends as described by Calvin Tompkins in The New Yorker. It will be shown at the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence opening in September. Edward Albee sat for the Emperor, Salman Rushdie is the King of Swords while Scarlett Johansson is the Queen, Jasper Johns is the Pope. Clemente, himself, is the Fool. See a sampling of the images here. has this to say about the exhibit: “The portraits of the exponents of a cosmopolitan cultural community, inserted into the allegorical illustrations of the Astral bodies, the Virtues and the Triumphs, bring together the new and the old continents in a play of glances orchestrated by the artist, who portrays himself in the arcana of the Fool.”

[Thanks to The Wild Hunt, for the heads-up.]