Come One, Come All to the

2012 Tarot Omega Tarot Conference – July 27 – 29th – the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.

Featuring Caitlín Matthews, Robert Place, Joanna Powell-Colbert, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer

This conference brings together an extraordinary group of tarot readers and tarot deck creators for a wonderful weekend of readings, art, and practical skills. This year’s conference features three tarot artists plus two deck conceptualizers. Discover what inspired them to “dream the tarot onwards,” creating new images and ideas deeply rooted in the tarot’s ancient traditions.

No matter what your level as a reader or your knowledge of tarot is, learning directly from deck creators will help you develop you own natural abilities. Discover what inspires a new deck and what goes into the making of cards that really work. Guided by this passion and knowledge, we do readings—for ourselves, friends, and complete strangers.

but don’t plan on going home after that – because Mary and Rachel continue on with five fabulous days of Tarot Magic –

Reading Tarot Cards with Magic and Wisdom – July 29, 2012 – August 03, 2012

In this tarot workshop with masters Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack, we work with the evocative images of the tarot to gain insight and wisdom for ourself and others, and to create the changes we want personally and globally. We learn how to read for others in ways that honor the natural wisdom within everyone and that turn the act of choosing a future into a magical experience.

This tarot workshop supports beginners while offering new ideas and techniques to seasoned professionals.

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