How to write from your heart with tarot:

Breathe (ground/center if applicable).

Connect with your future reader (including if you will be your only reader). Try to get a specific image in mind and open your heart to that person(s)—real or imaginary.

Begin your writing with where you are right now at this moment, being as concrete and present as possible (even if you will edit this out later).

State your intention (even though you may find yourself going elsewhere in your writing).

– At this point, if not before, draw a tarot card from your shuffled deck. It may serve as the focus or direction for your next bit of writing or simply confirm it. Use keywords and imagery suggested by the card. To what thoughts, emotions, memories or desires does this card bring you? Integrate your reaction immediately as an integral part of what you are writing. Try to keep writing rather than pondering the meaning of the card.

Breathe. Keep writing.

Draw a new card whenever you come to a new phase or turning point in your writing. (I tend to draw around 5 cards for around 500 words/2 pages, but it could be more or less.) Just don’t let this distract you from your writing. You have to commit to be honest about whatever comes up.

– At the end, ask if there is any last message or thing you need to know or include.

– Take a moment to experience gratitude for what you’ve been through in this process.

Optional Spread: line up the cards you drew and examine them as you would a spread. You might want to do this the next day or even later.


I draw the 10 of Cups and mention the joy and responsibilities of family. The 9 of Wands are my defenses: I need to reveal what and why I initially held back. The Moon has me writing about emerging from an underworld journey through depression, which I probably would not otherwise have acknowledged. You may find yourself using metaphors arising from a card’s imagery.

Try using this method when writing a review or a paper for school or blog post or a letter/email to a friend.

The cards can push you beyond your comfort zone but isn’t that what writing from the heart is really about? Magic is moving beyond the limits or boundaries of our everyday experience.