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WANT TO LEARN LENORMAND? I will be available daily at a special forum from November 17 to December 8 for all who sign up for my five-session course (available online or via DVD). I will go through the materials with you, answer questions, and generally be available to help with your readings. There will also be a FREE live Q-and-A session via Skype on 4 December (space limited!). 

Register NOW. This is a chance to share your homework assignments and to practice readings, as well as explore topics beyond the scope of the lessons. I encourage you to use this winter holiday season (I know, I know – summer for a few of you) to explore a new divination tool or, if you’ve already begun, improve your understanding of the Lenormand system.

I favor a traditional approach with emphasis on the Grand Tableau – viewing short spreads as “training wheels” to get you familiar with all the elements of the “big picture.” Also, my approach to learning the individual cards is entirely different than you’ll find elsewhere as we focus on topics and all the cards related to each.

Information at:

PLEASE SHARE this opportunity with friends and Lenormand groups.

Try out this video sample from the course:

Natural Grand Tableau Taught by Mary K. Greer
Curious about what everyone finds so intriguing in the 36 card Lenormand deck? Join me in this five-week online course from 1 October to 5 November (no class on Oct. 22). On-line make-up sessions and getting the course in DVD form for later study are also available.

Right from the first week you’ll be working with the traditional Grand Tableau (“Big Picture”) that uses all the cards. You’ll explore the 36 cards via subject groups that help you understand the cards and fix their meanings in your mind. You’ll discover the secret of interpreting Lenormand through pairs and combinations, the kinds of questions that work best, and how to use the playing card inserts. Mary will help de-mystify the Tableau by discussing its basic components and breaking it down into easy-to-understand shorter layouts. Lenormand is an international language whose vocabulary is understood everywhere that the Petit Lenormand deck is found. We’ll be focusing on learning that standard language. Yet, your intuition will be given a huge boost as you start reading these cards immediately! Click here for more information. Join me for a fun-filled course. 

Facebook Support Group (optional) will be available to the live class members for review of “homework.”. An optional certificate of “Competency in Lenormand Level One” is available by taking and passing a test at the end of the course.

Session 1:

  • A brief overview of the origins and history of the Lenormand deck, including recent discoveries by Mary K. Greer
  • Approaching the cards by subject groups—the first subject group
  • The importance of interpretative nouns and adjectives and their use in card combinations
  • An introduction to the Grand Tableau and establishing the theme of the reading
  • Interpreting the four corners by working with pairs
  • Starting your Lenormand Notebook

Don’t miss The Tarosophy Tarot Convention 2012

Dallas, October 20th-21st 2012

Barbara MooreSteampunk Tarot, Tarot Spreads, Tarot for Beginners

Mary K. Greer21 Ways to Read a Tarot CardWomen of the Golden Dawn

Carrie ParisSanta Fe Tarot & incredible teacher of Tarot

Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceTarot of the Crone

Robert M. Place, Alchemical Tarot, Tarot: History, Symbolism & Divination

Marcus KatzTarosophy, Around the Tarot in 78 Days (with Tali Goodwin), Tarot Professionals

with even more – we will be offering many additional evening Tarot workshops by:

*NEW* Rana George on Lenormand Card Reading

Enrique Enriquez

Katrina Wynne

Paul Nagy

Dr. Art Rosengarten

Jaymi Elford

Mike Hernandez

and others …

and deck presentations/classes by many Tarot artists

Beth Seilenon

GUEST M.C. Dan Donche (“Inappropriate Tarot” & new Darkana Deck)

After-Dinner Speaker James Wells!

Information Here.

Geraldine Amaral of TheSpiritualTarot just sent me this photo from when she (left) and Bev Hitchens (right) read tarot cards at the White House as part of the the Halloween party entertainment.

Geraldine writes: “We did many readings that night for the White House staff and some military families, but the Obamas did not get a Tarot reading and the event was not paid for with your tax dollars.  It was a donation from the Disney Corporation and the Hershey Corporation.  The Obamas were lovely, warm and gracious and made us feel right at home.  It was an incredible experience to meet them and I was honored to be there.”

Geraldine runs the Washington D.C. Tarot Society, teaches Tarot at the Jungian Society and does other classes and consultations in the area (see link at top). She was also co-author of Tarot Celebrations: Honoring the Inner Voice.

Who else has done memorable tarot readings or events? Tell us about them in the comments.

Tarot Art and History Tour of Northern Italy
September 23rd – October 6th 2012
14 Day Tour of Northern Italy

We had such a great time on our first organized Tarot Art & History Tour of Italy this fall, that Arnell and Michael are doing it again and it is going to be fabulous! Highlights are posted on this webpage . More details will be sent to you upon request. Hope you can come as it is an unbelievable opportunity! Please book early as space is limited for this extraordinary adventure.

Above is my photo of the room of Good and Bad Government in the Civic Palace of Siena. I really got that these frescoed rooms were designed to have a powerful impact on all who entered the space—to magically imbue people with the ideals and principles governing them. Town councilors entered the room from the now-sealed door that is directly under the allegorical images of Wisdom and Justice—a very deliberate choice. The Rider-Waite Empress was taken from the central image representing PAX (Peace). To the right is the well-governed town. To the left is the Devil with all the terrible consequences that his reign could have upon on the area. Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, creator of The Tarot of the Crone, Tarot Paperdolls and the forthcoming Minoan Tarot is in the foreground.

I can’t emphasize enough, that if you want to have any idea of the world from which the Tarot emerged, you have to experience it for yourself! Your days will be filled with the consciousness and beauty of the 14th and 15th centuries that created the base for the later Renaissance. You’ll begin to understand in the constant mix of Pagan and Christian imagery, how their “Christian” mind-set was an amalgam of all the wisdom that had come before and very different from how we think today. You’ll get an appreciation of the incomparable beauty of Italy and the sophisticated allegorical thinking that had to go into the creation of the Tarot. Your tour guide, Morena Poltronieri of the Museo dei Tarocchi, will introduce you to the secrets of the masons who built the churches and will reveal the influences of the real alchemists, Templars, artists and philosophers who left their easily discerned marks on the buildings she knows so well. Here is one corner of the Museo dei Tarocchi.

Check out this animoto video by Tero Hynynen of photos from the last trip.

¶ I will be interviewed this Wednesday, Nov. 9th on Blogtalk Radio – Pagan Perspectives by Rev Sylvanus Treewalker – 6pm CST or 4pm PST. We’ll be talking about my latest book, Who Are You in the Tarot? Follow the link to chat and listen to the radio interview live or after the show. Read the latest review of my book here.

Artist Hugo Baur recently painted this watercolor portrait of Waite and Smith that he calls “The High Priestess and the Magician.”

Baur explains:

As the Waite-Smith tarot was the result of a collaboration I only thought it natural to make a double portrait. Nevertheless I don’t hold much sympathy for Waite as he didn’t pay Pamela the money and respect she deserved. Still, without him this deck would never have existed, and his influence on the major arcana was considerable. But no explanation is needed for the fact that I placed Pamela in the centre and on the foreground, as it is her artwork and unbelievable spiritual insight that made the Waite Smith deck so special. I hope that fellow admirers of Pamela will consider this painting to be a truthfull homage to an artist that never got the respect she deserved.

¶ Just read a novel from 1987 with a good sprinkling of tarot in it: Second Sight by Mary Tannen. It recounts the intertwined lives of at least four families in a small, New Jersey industrial town. The plot revolves around a single working mother (a tarot and palm reader) finding “The One” she is destined to be with, and a young historian uncovering the complex interrelationships that lie at the base of the continually evolving town. While an essentially light and easy read, this book explores deeper themes and more complex literary symbolism than one would expect from the simple story line:—mysticism versus greed, old families versus new immigrants, nature versus industry. It deserves a good read and is readily available second-hand.

¶ I have a limited number of DVDs available from the two webinars I did for Global Spiritual Studies (include PowerPt presentations):

  • “An Analysis of the Role of Cartomancers through Western Art” – 2 DVDs – $32 (includes mailing in the US)
  • “Who Are You in the Tarot?” – 1 DVD – $20 (includes mailing in the US)

Payable through PayPal – contact me here if you are interested.

As promised, here is the information on the IndiGoGo fundraising campaign for the Waite-Trinick Tarot Book. You can help publish A.E. Waite’s Second Tarot images as quickly as possible—so we can all get them in our hands! Be part of this historic presentation.

Tali Goodwin has started a series on her discovery of the images and the continuing saga involving her research into John Trinick. Read all about it at The Tarot Speakeasy.

Update: Ordering information here for the 250 copy limited edition.

The following announcement by Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz has stirred quite a controversy. At the end of this announcement you’ll find a link to an article by Tabatha Cicero that adds much to an understanding of issues involved in the publication of these images.

Tali Goodwin of Tarot Professionals and the blog Tarot Speakeasy, through extensive research, has discovered the ORIGINAL Waite-Trinick images that comprised a tarot deck conceptualized by A.E. Waite for the private use of members of his Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. Tali tracked the family of stained glass artist, J. B. Trinick, who had lived in Kendal, England, and found the original color paintings!

Late last year Marcus Katz stumbled across an ebay sale for a set of worn and damaged images that he immediately recognized as part of a mysterious second Waite deck. It had been brought to the attention of tarotists in Ronald Decker and Michael Dummett’s book A History of the Occult Tarot. The illustrations here are from that book. The new discovery was part of a series of several major synchronicities in the story of this rare deck that have taken place over the last two years.

Tali and Marcus were able to view and photograph the beautiful and enigmatic original paintings and have agreed with the owners to bring out a book (in color and b&w) of the major twenty-two images with full commentary prior to Christmas 2011.

The commentary will be based on Waite’s unpublished and extensive commentary on the images, which has led to a complete mapping of Waite’s “secret” correspondences to the Tree of Life. Marcus says that this set of correspondences is so blindingly obvious and “makes sense,” such that he believes we will be astounded. It will be interesting to see if the mapping corresponds with the revised Tree of Life described in Decker and Dummett’s book. Also, this clears up a long-running controversy about whether the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was designed with Golden Dawn Tree of Life Associations in mind. My feeling is that it was, as Waite clearly uses these associations in some of his Order papers, but it’s also clear that he wasn’t really satisfied with them.

Tarot Professionals are hosting a funding drive—live on Indigogo (now available) to ask for assistance towards publication. As they want to make these remarkable images—and the biggest discovery in Tarot this century—available to everyone. I’ll post the information as soon as I get it.

For additional information and another perspective, read Tabatha Cicero on “The Great Symbols of the Paths” at The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn blog.

About John Trinick

About John Trinick


Several years ago, Cerulean, on Aeclectic’s tarot forum, posted this information about Trinick:

John Trinick was born in Melbourne, Australia, on 17 August 1890, sailing to England with his parents in 1893 before returning to Australia in 1907. He studied in the art school of the National Gallery of Victoria between 1910 and 1915 and then returned to England in 1919 to continue his studies at the Byam Shaw and Vicat Cole school of Art.

Trinick began to specialise in glass in 1921 when he joined the studios of William Morris Merton and ten years later he opened his own studio in Upper Norwood, London. He rapidly became famous for the quality of his work, exhibiting widely at The Royal Academy, the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and in Vitoria, Spain, in addition to providing stained glass windows for several churches, including a complete set of chapel windows for St. Michael’s in 1951. Among his other work was a panel, Opus Sectile, depicting Our Lady of Walsingham in Westminster Cathedral; 11 windows for St. Pius X, London and the entire chapel scheme for Salmerston Grange, Margate.

He was also an accomplished illustrator in watercolour, pencil, pastel and crayon, a collection of Trinick’s watercolour copies of European stained glass windows ws purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum, where it forms part of the V and A archives.

Although the majority of Trinick’s work involved ecclesiastical commissions, he did not limit his exploration of spirituality to Christianity. He actively explored many modes of thinking throughout his life, including Rosicruianism and Freemasonry. He had a strong interest in alchemy and other forms of ancient spirituality. In 1922 he published a book of poetry entitled Dead Sanctuary and, in 1967, at the age of 84, he published a philosophical volume, The Fire Tried Stone, an appraisal of the work of Carl Jung.

John Trinick died in 1974, many of his designs returning to Australia.

This color design for five stained glass windows is in the University of Melbourne Art Collection.

Here’s his St. Theresa Window from Our Lady of Dolours, Hendon.

New York artist, Francesco Clemente, has created a set of 78 mixed media Tarot images featuring drawings of well-known people who are among his personal friends as described by Calvin Tompkins in The New Yorker. It will be shown at the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence opening in September. Edward Albee sat for the Emperor, Salman Rushdie is the King of Swords while Scarlett Johansson is the Queen, Jasper Johns is the Pope. Clemente, himself, is the Fool. See a sampling of the images here. has this to say about the exhibit: “The portraits of the exponents of a cosmopolitan cultural community, inserted into the allegorical illustrations of the Astral bodies, the Virtues and the Triumphs, bring together the new and the old continents in a play of glances orchestrated by the artist, who portrays himself in the arcana of the Fool.”

[Thanks to The Wild Hunt, for the heads-up.]

Announcing the official launch of my new book Who Are You in the Tarot? at BATS and with a web seminar (webinar), “Working with Your Tarot Birth and Year Cards,” on September 6, 2011, 6pm – 6.45pm USA Pacific time through Global Spiritual Studies.

So, you’ve calculated your Birth and Year Cards (I’ll show you how if you don’t know), but what are you going to do with them next? In this session, Mary K. Greer shows you how to take these archetypal forms further, to see how you can work with them in your own life and with a querent. Discover the wisdom of your Year Cards and what Destiny calls to you from your Soul Card. Make these cards come alive in your own life! Learn how to learn from them in ways unique to you. Explore the nine Constellations and the three Soul Groups that are at the heart of this system and are key to your relationship dynamics.

Information on this live webinar is available here. Join us live so you can ask questions and take part in the discussion. For the time in other zones, check the website.

Click on the link to visit the book’s Facebook page and “like” us, then let us know what your Birth Cards are.

Get a signed first edition hot off the press and unavailable yet in bookstores, at the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) on August 27-28 (see EVENTS).


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