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Here’s another Donnaleigh tarot music video discovery. The tarot reading starts just after 2:30. Can you ID the deck? Enjoy.

In this music video the cards used are Wahrsagekarten – a style of cartomancy deck found in Germany and Eastern Europe. (Thanks to Donnaleigh.)

In this music video two children do a five card tarot reading predicting a series of future events—all happening at the same resort hotel. Meanwhile we see their future selves (at these five different times) interspersed with their child selves. The exquisite Olivia Wilde, who appears on the TV program “House,” is the final adult woman. The deck appears to have been created specifically for this video. It’s worth watching several times to piece together the whole story.

Can anyone pick out what cards they are supposed to be and describe each of the predicted events?

Probably my favorite tarot music video. How many  cards can you find in “The Wheel” by Roseanne Cash? List them in the comments.


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