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Check out Woody Allen’s new movie (opening the end of September) that features a tarot reader (even if she is bogus, it’s great humor). (Thanks to Jennifer SwampWitch Johnson).

Music Video with RWS deck. Anyone care to explain how the reading relates to the storyline? (Thanks to John McBride.)

This music video features the Thoth Tarot laid out on a lazy susan (good idea!) at 2:45.

Wow! This is Kreative Key Productions‘ powerful contribution to the Multi-dimensional New Music Initiative, the Twelve Days Project, in which they created a video to go with The Dreamscapes Project [band’s name] song, “Titanic.” The video director, Kristin Pavelski, explained their use of tarot:

“The tarot cards were brought into the piece to portray this continuing repetitious behavior the characters go through. Tarot, being a divination tool, easily reflects events in one’s life, at any given time. This piece starts with The Lovers card, as both characters are introduced. The next card played is the 8 of Cups which signifies a man leaving behind success . . .”

Read more about the tarot imagery in the video and the creative project here. Name the tarot deck featured in this video.

The images are from  Joanna Powell-Colbert’s self-published Gaian Tarot Deck, and the song is written and sung her husband, Craig Olson – find out about them here.

Brief views of the RWS deck near the beginning.

I thought I had this posted, but it seems not. All the “Tarot Music Videos” now have their own category—view them all by clicking on the category above or to the left.

Here’s another Donnaleigh tarot music video discovery. The tarot reading starts just after 2:30. Can you ID the deck? Enjoy.

In this music video the cards used are Wahrsagekarten – a style of cartomancy deck found in Germany and Eastern Europe. (Thanks to Donnaleigh.)

In this music video two children do a five card tarot reading predicting a series of future events—all happening at the same resort hotel. Meanwhile we see their future selves (at these five different times) interspersed with their child selves. The exquisite Olivia Wilde, who appears on the TV program “House,” is the final adult woman. The deck appears to have been created specifically for this video. It’s worth watching several times to piece together the whole story.

Can anyone pick out what cards they are supposed to be and describe each of the predicted events?


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