tbfront.jpgI enjoy knitting socks but end up with a lot of leftover yarn. I looked through several books with patterns for bits and ends and saw a cool ipod case. That made me think of knitting a tarot bag. One of the things I don’t like about bags is that they’re usually loose and bulky, so I wanted something slim and fitted. Here’s my first effort – more of a fitted deck-sock-with-a-flap than a bag. I used sock yarn where all the designs are dyed into the yarn. This one also has some metallic silver running through it. I knitted it on five – US1 (2.25mm) double-pointed needles at 8 stitches per inch (in the round). I started with the flap and then cast on the remaining stitches to make the bag. I just measured it for the exact size of the deck figuring the yarn would stretch a little to get the deck in and out. The size is just about perfect. I like the flat fitted bottom that I created by knitting mitered corners and then doing a Kitchener stitch to connect the remaining front and back stitches.

For my next attempt I plan on changing a lot of things. I’ll probably do it all in seed stitch and have the flap come all the way down to the bottom. Warning: don’t store cards in wool or silk for long periods as these fibers can attract bugs and breakdown paper products. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.