Marcus Katz’s book, Tarosophy: Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape It is available for pre-order. “Tarosophy encapsulates the wisdom of tarot as a living, divine art and science; a dynamic interface between awareness and appearance, and a system to observe, tie and untie the ‘secret knots’ that bind the world.” Marcus Katz is the Director of Tarot Professionals and the Far Away Center. He has studied and taught tarot for 30 years and has delivered more than 10,000 face-to-face readings. Marcus graduated from the University of Exeter as the first student to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Western Esotericism and is continuing on with doctoral studies in the field. [Book cover by Ciro Marchetti.]

Here’s the blurb I wrote upon reading the manuscript:

“From the first steps in reading tarot through metaphysical correspondences and on to professional marketing, this book has it all! Marcus Katz’s Tarosophy is a work of intelligence and depth, featuring tons of tarot tips and exercises that will help you access the wisdom of the cards in a manner that is playful and practical. Highly recommended.”